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Organs Functions

Mrs. Smith Rat Disection Pratical

Salivary Glands Produces Saliva
Trachea Carries Air
Esophagus Transports food by Peristalsis
Lungs Transports and Exchanges Gases
Heart Pumps oxygen through body
Liver Breaks down tough material with digestive enzymes
Pancreas Produces digestive enzymes for liver to function
Stomach Uses gastric juices to break down food
Spleen Filters out foreign organisms
Diaphragm Contracts/Expands to Inflate/Deflate Lungs
Kidney Keeps the blood clean and chemically balanced
Ureter Takes urine from kidneys to bladder
Seminal Vesicles Produces semen
Bladder Stores urine and contracts to send it out of body
Scrotum Acts as a climate control for testes
Small Intestine Absorbs food
Large Intestine Absorbs water and excretes solid material
Eight Traits of Mammals 1.Hair;2.Mammary Glands;3.Live Birth;4.Diversity of Teeth;5.Endothermic;6.Large Brains;7.Active Metabolism;8.Extended Parental Care
Function of Vibrassae Sensory Structure
Function of Mammary Glands To feed offspring
Function of Appendages To walk and grab things
Function of Eyelid To protect eyes
Function of Pinna To recieve sound waves
What is a Coelem? A body cavity lined with mesoderm
What is a Mesentary? A membrane that suspends many organs of vertebrates inside fluid-filled cavities
Define Visceral. A smooth muscle found in digestive track, bladder and other organs.
Define Parietal Peritoneum. The lining of a cavity.
Define Anterior Towards the head
Define Posterior Towards the tail
Define Lateral On the side: Side to Side
Define Ventral Towards the stomach
Define Dorsal Towards the backbone
Define Medial On the midline
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