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Med. History Quiz

Med. History

As the feudal system became outdated, who started fighting for power? Kings and Popes
To extend his power, King Otto gave large amount of land to ___________? relatives
To extend their power, the Holy Roman Empire tried recruiting Church officials from ________ _________. lower classes
What pope tried to strengthen the power of the Pope over secular rulers? Gregory VII
A treaty that declared the king had the right to appoint Church officials Concordat of Worms
Who brought the German civil wars to an end by granting special privileges to German nobles? Frederick Barbarossa
Why had the people of Europe lost confidence in the Pope? they saw him use his office for political reasons
What was the census called taken by William the Conqueror when he took over England? Doomsday Book
What king set up a system of law where a jury was used to decide on guilt and innocence? King Henry II
How did King Henry II weaken his nobles? by destroying their castles
Which king was more interested in fighting in the Crusades than being a king? King Richard
Why was Richard called "the Lion-Hearted"? His reputation as a great military leader and warrior
Who tried to take the throne from Richard? Prince John
What document granted certain rights and protections to all freemen in England? the Magna Charta
Who was forced to sign the Magna Charta? King John
What was the name of the tax which nobles could pay to avoid military service? scutage
What great aid to bible study was developed by Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury? He divided the Bible into chapters and verses
What year was the Magna Charta signed 1215
In what year did Richard become king? In what year did Richard become king?
Who was William the Conqueror? The Duke of Normandy who became the King of England in 1066
When did Henry II become king? 1154
During whose reign was Parliament established? King Henry III
What is Parliament? The English legislature that started out as a council meeting to represent each city
What King of France tried to make an alliance with King John? King Philip II
A sealed decree which announced that all men were subject to the pope, otherwise they could not go to heaven? Papal Bull
Who issued the Papal Bull? Pope Boniface VIII
Who fought in the Hundred Years War? France and England
What woman saved France because God told her to lead them to victory? Joan of Arc
When did the Hundred Years War begin? 1337
Who was the father of the Scientific Method? Roger Bacon
Who did William Wallace lead in rebellion against England? the Scots - (Scottish Rebellion of 1296)
During the 14th century, what deadly pandemic hit Europe? The Black Plague
Define philosophy the study of general problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, beauty, justice, validity, mind, and language
Define Scholasticism During the middle ages, philosophy changed to making the Scriptures the main basis for study and understanding
How many people died from the Black Plague? An estimated 25 million people in England alone.
Who was William the conqueror's great grandson who became king of England in 1154? King Henry II
Who was King Henry II's wife Eleanor of Aquitaine
What was remarkable about Queen Eleanor? she was the only woman to be both queen of England and France; she was the mother of 2 kings and 2 queens
Which provision of the Magna Charta was a first step toward parliamentary government? the king could not impose taxes unless the barons and bishops agreed
Who murdered archbishop Thomas Becket because he would not submit to the king's authority? King Henry II
Who tried to overthrow King Henry II but he forgave him? his son, Richard
How did King Henry II weaken his nobles? by destroying their castles
What is parliament? the English legislature that started out as a council meeting to represent each city.
When was the first Crusade? 1095
Who launched the first Crusade? Pope Urban II
Created by: liv2dance