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Cocktail Recipes

Screwdriver Highball Ice fill 1.5 oz Vodka Fill with OJ
Sex on the Beach Very Pretty Or Cute Highball Ice fill 1.5 oz Vodka .5 oz Peach schnapps 1.5 oz OJ 1.5 oz Cranberry Juice Orange slice
Kamikaze Very Tragic Landings
Sidecar Girls ride sidecar, BRANDY, TRouble, and sour Cocktail glass Lemon juice then sugar rim, chill Ice in shaker 1.5+ oz brandy/cognac .75 oz triple sec .75 oz lemon juice Strain to glass Classic is none, or garnish with orange slice or twist
B-52 Kills Bad Guys Kaluha, Baileys, Grand Mariner
Mai-Tai Rum Sour To Go Rum, Sour Mix, Triple Sec, Orgeat (almond) syrup, Grenadine, O.J.
Anything up against the wall: Think the tallest bottle at the bar – always Galliano
With a bang: Means add vodka.
Slippery Nipple: Sambuca and Baileys in that order (floated). “S” for Sambuca.
Buttery Nipple: Butterscotch Schnapps (somewhat obviously) and Baileys in order again floated.
Mudslide: Just remember what it looks like – a mess or mudslide off a cliff: .5 – 1oz of the following: vodka, Kahlua, Baileys. Pour the Baileys in last and slightly stir with a sip straw or stirrer. Do not shake. It’s supposed to look all marbled.
Cosmopolitan: Care for some TLC: citron vodka, triple sec, lime juice, cranberry juice
Metropolitan: KTLC. I have no idea why this works but I initially memorized it as a radio station call sign: Absolut Kurrant, triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice.
Godfather Shoots Assholes Scotch Amaretto
Godmother Visits Assholes in the hospital Vodka Amaretto.
Bay Breeze Highball Ice fill 1.5 oz Vodka 3 oz Cranberry Juice 1.5 oz Grapefruit juice Lime garnish Pineapples grow in the bay, get it?
Sea Breeze Highball Ice fill 1.5 oz vodka Grapefruit ¾ fill Cranberry to fill Lime garnish
Alabama Slammer: Makes you look like an A.S.S. – Amaretto, Sloe Gin, Southern Comfort + O.J.
Straws With ice: yes No ice: No
Black Russian White Russian Double rocks Ice fill 1 ¾ oz vodka ¾ oz coffee liqueur Stir gently ¾ oz cream or milk for White Russian
Whiskey Sour Double rocks In shaker: 2 oz whiskey ¾ oz lemon juice ¾ oz syrup Ice, shake, strain over rocks Cherry and orange (or lemon)
Martini Chill cocktail glass Into mixing glass: ¾ oz dry vermouth 2¼ to 3 oz gin Stir 7 to 9 seconds, quiet and no bubbles Strain into glass Lemon twist or olive
Madras Highball 1.5 oz vodka 3:1 cranberry and orange to fill
Cape Cod 1.5 oz vodka Cranberry to fill Lime
Seabreeze 1.5 oz vodka Grapefruit ¾ fill Cranberry to fill Lime
Bloody Mary Pint glass Ice fill In shaker Dash pepper, worstershire, hot sauce (optional: celery salt, horseradish, olive juice, etc.) 1½ oz vodka 3-4 oz tomato juice ½ oz lemon juice Ice in other part of shaker Roll, strain Celery stalk, lemon, olives
Long Island Ice Tea Pint glass Ice fill ¾ oz tequila ¾ oz vodka ¾ oz white rum ¾ oz triple sec ¾ oz gin Sweet and sour to almost fill Cola float for color Stir gently Lemon
Greyhound Salty Dog Double rocks Ice fill 1.5 oz gin or vodka Grapefruit juice to fill Salty Dog is this with salted rim
Gin Rickey Bourbon Rickey Highball Ice fill 1.5 oz gin / bourbon Half lime juiced and dropped in glass Soda to fill Stir just a bit
Gin Buck Collins Ice fill 1.5 oz gin Juice of half lemon Ginger ale to fill Lemon
Highball Highball glass Ice fill 2 oz whiskey Ginger ale to fill Lemon twist “Highball” can be any liquor with ginger ale. “highball” is a liquor/mix drink over ice.
Old Fashioned (Classic style) Double rocks Sugar cube, or some white and brown sugar dash of water Stir or muddle to dissolve sugar 2 dashes bitters 2 oz bourbon Fill with ice Stir Orange twist
Old Fashioned (Mad Men era style) Double rocks Sugar cube Orange slice Cherry dash of water Muddle 2 dashes bitters 2 oz rye whiskey Ice fill Fill with soda Orange slice and cherry
Manhattan Cocktail glass, chilled In pint Dash or two of bitters 2 oz rye whiskey 1 oz sweet vermouth Ice fill Stir a little long Strain to cocktail glass Cherry
Created by: thinkchip