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Chapter 1-4

To which of the following does the term apoptosis refer? Preprogrammed cell self-destruction
Which of the following is the best definition of epidemiology? The science of tracking the occurrence and distribution of diseases
The term disease refers to: a deviation from the normal state of health and function.
When the osmotic pressure of the blood is elevated above normal water would shift from the: interstitial compartment into the blood.
Which of the following would result from a deficit of plasma proteins? Decreased osmotic pressure
Which of the following is a typical sign of dehydration? Rough oral mucosa
Which of the following is a common cause of hyponatremia? Excessive sweating
Compensation mechanisms in the body for dehydration would include: increased antidiuretic hormone (ADH).
In patients with impaired expiration associated with emphysema effective compensation for the acid-base imbalance would be: decreased urine pH and increased serum bicarbonate.
One of the factors involved in the increased need for water in infants is: higher metabolic rate.
Which two ions are most important for acid-base balance in the body? Cl– and HCO3–
Serum potassium levels are affected by: aldosterone.serum H+ levels.insulin levels.
In the blood and extracellular fluids hypernatremia refers to: an excess sodium level.
Contraindications printed on the label of a drug id: those circumstances under which the drug should probably not be used.
The impulses related to acute pain are usually transmitted by: myelinated A delta fibers.
In which structure do pain impulses ascend the spinal cord? Spinothalamic tract
A headache that is related to changes in cerebral blood flow is classified as a/an ________ headache. Migraine
What is a common analgesic administered to control a moderate level of pain? Codeine
Which of the following is a characteristic of acute pain but not of chronic pain? Severe but short term
Ibuprofen is classified as an NSAID and is particularly useful in treating: pain caused by inflammation.
A headache that results from pressure on the meninges surrounding the brain is referred to as a/an: intracranial headache.
What are the three mechanisms that control or compensate for serum pH? Buffer pairs in blood
An anxiety attack often causes hyperventilation leading to: decreased PCO2.
Which of the following is essential in order to maintain serum pH within normal range? The ratio of carbonic acid to bicarbonate ion must be 1:20.
When many excess hydrogen ions accumulate in the blood what happens to serum pH? The pH: Decreases
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