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Mrs Hull vocab - 4

Definition/Term Answer
very enthusiastic; having or showing great intensity of spirit fervent
The team was ___________________ after winning the championship. fervent
describes people who display high-spirited merriment; full of joy jovial
Cheerleaders have to be ______________, or high-spirited, for games. jovial
describes a tone that is academic, learned, and studious scholarly
The valedictorian sounded very ______________ when he gave his speech. scholarly
describes an attitude or mood that is carefree and cheerful lighthearted
Summer is a ______________ and carefree time for most teens. lighthearted
filled with excitement and enthusiasm; thrilled exhilarated
I was excited to ride the rollercoaster and _____________ when I got on. exhilarated
characterized by outrage caused by something perceived as unjust or wrong indignant
The girl was _____________ when she did not get a perfect score on her project, but someone else (who she thinks did worse) did. indignant
very sarcastic, mocking sardonic
The girl was saying how much she loved school, but you could tell she was joking because of her ___________ tone. sardonic
characterized by a casual disrespectful attitude; especially in situations that call for a serious response flippant
The student's ____________, or casually disrespectful actions, got him suspended. flippant
characterized by an attitude of doubt and distrust skeptical/skepticism
I was ________________ about the woman actually being able to talk to the dead. skeptical
marked by a casual air of concern nonchalant
The star was _________________ when noticed by fans. nonchalant
a feeling of intense dislike and great scorn; contempt disdain
Most of the time, I ____________, or really dislike, my sister. disdain
characterized by strong emotions or convictions; very emphatic vehement
The cat was ____________, or very clear, that he did not want to take a bath. vehement
characterized by a critical tone and biting words that cause hurt feelings caustic
Simon Cowell was ___________ on American Idol. He told people exactly what he was thinking, even if it wasn't nice. caustic
marked by caution; a watchful concern that is alert to danger or deception wary
The girl was _______ when she was walking around the pool because she did not want to fall in. wary
characterized by an excessive and elevated sense of self-importance; arrogant pompous
The guy is ____________. He thinks he is better than everyone else. pompous
characterized by mixed feelings about a person, object, or course of action ambivalent
Emma was __________________ about the new kid. She kind of liked her, but kind of didn't. ambivalent
characterized by a lack of interest or concern; apathetic indifferent
It was _______________ to the girl if she failed the test. She didn't care. indifferent
sadly thoughtful; pensively reflective wistful
Alex stared out of the window _______________, wondering what it would have been like if she wouldn't have fought with her friend. wistfully
spontaneously fanciful or playful; given to chance or whims whimsical
It is ___________________ walking through Disney World. Everything feels very light and playful. whimsical
marked by impartiality; fair to all sides evenhanded
The jury must be ___________________, or fair, when judging cases. evenhanded
Created by: emily.grace
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