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6F051 Book 2

FM 5 level CDCs

Who processes accession transactions for the Basic military trainees? Lackland MPS personnel
30 days is not an acceptable timeframe to set up a CMS case if the MPS is unable to submit or get the accession transaction to process after a member's arrival because it is required to be established within 14 workdays
When you receive official orders from a member for a PCS departure, how many days before the member's departure can the losing FSO submit the SH03? 30 days
When working a PCS departure you are required to accelerate any open advance housing allowance debts for all members departing your station to ensure collection by the end of the tour
While performing temporary duty enroute to a new station, what housing allowance stops and when does it stop? Single rate, 31st day
When the SH03 is processed which of the following events does not take place on the MMPA? Stops staus code changes from H to A; Status code changes from A (on station) to H (PCS Status)
When is the SG03 input? Within 5 duty days after a voucher is received
What actions do you take if there is a problem settling a travel claim for a PCS arrival? Sumbit a dummy SG03
In step 6 of clearing management notices, where do you go to find information about the management notice code? Attachment 23, AFMAN 65-116 Vol 1
In what step of clearing management notices do you input comments? Step7
The first page of a reject listing shows the rejected transaction and a 3 digit error code
Which type of leave is charged against the member's leave account? Emergency
Appellate leave is chargeable
In order for Terminal leave to be considered in the separation pay authorization it must be posted to the member's MMPA at least 11 days before separation.
What effect does being AWOL have on a member's MMPA? All pay and allowances are suspended
The max number of leave days that a member can typically carry forward into a new enlistment period is 60
What FID/action id is used to correct leave? SB05
Which suspense is created in the memo field of the MMPA when DJMS recieves a leave transaction before the start date of the leave? NB
How is the member's leave charged for the time to make a permissive PCS move? Computer generated from the SG03 transaction
Which statement best describes a member eligible for a Zone B reenlistment? SrA with 7 yrs of service
A member with 13 yrs in service reenlists for 4 yrs. After the initial payment the member will recieve annual bonus installments for 3 years
What action should you take to prevent problems with separations/retirements? stay in close contact with base agencies
What is the first thing you do when you see an E503 transaction on a member's MMPA? Check the separation program designator (SPD)code
If the N7 entry is not on the pay record 10 days before separation, process the ST04
All requests for PCS advance pay for A1C and below must be approved by the unit commander
When computing advance pay, the next step after you have computed the required areas is to round off the figures to even dollars
What is the first step you take when computing partial pay? Look at the member's LES
In what step of computing partial pay do you prepare a DD 117 or DD 1351-6? step 3
What type of payment would be made for a member who is not assigned to your ADSN? Casual
Voucher balancing prevents fraud by deducting payments made to member from their pay account
When balancing the Merged Accountability and Fund Reporting (MAFR), the J03 report is considered your bank statement; which of the following is considered your checkbook? the 173 report
Every voucher citing FC 32 and project 510 or 530 must have total cards processed in DJMS. What type of card equals the amount on the total card? detail card or cards
The death gratuity is paid to eligible beneficiaries except when the former member dies during the 120-day period following date or discharge under other than honorable conditions
Death gratuity payments are normally made within how many hours? 24
How many miles constitute 1 travel day and what are the minimum remaining miles that would constitute and additional travel day? 350;51
What step of computing allowable travel time for mixed modes has you add 1 day for travel by common carrier? step 3
When determining allowable travel time for overseas travel, which of the following is considered an ordered travel point? POE
When is per diem prorated during a member's PCS move using a POV? Never; per diem is always payable on a whole day basis
When dependents accompany the member on a PCS move in a MALT Plus status, what percentage of the member's per diem rate is authorized for the spouse and an 11 yr-old child? 75 % for spouse and 50 % for child
Which step of computing mixed modes reimbursement compares the MALT plus cost to the mixed modes cost? Step 3
Step 2 of processing a travel voucher is to create a travel order
Both a governement TR and a military TA are available; however, dependents elect to travel at personal expense for transoceanic travel. What is the entitlement in this situation? Actual cost NTE the lesser of the TR or MTA cost
When delivering a POV for shipping a governement expense, what rate of MALT is paid when a member travels to the passenger port first, and then proceeds to the vehicle port? PDS and PCS
When traveling by POV from the POD to the PDS, pay MALT Plus for the allowable travel
When is dislocation allowance (DLA) paid for retirement travel? DLA is not paid for retirement travel
Except when additional time is authorized or approved, members have how many days to complete separation travel? 180
What should you do if you recieve a retirement travel settlement voucher that shows the member departed the PCS more than 1 day before the date of retirement? check to see if leave was properly charged
To compute the allowable travel time when a civilian employee uses privately owned conveyance, you divide the official distance by 350 miles
How do you compute a civilian employee's allowance travel time if the employee uses a TR and makes personal stops along the way? use actual travel time minus convenience days
For PCS travel of civilian employees, you reimburse the actual cost of lodging not to exceed the standard CONUS rate
What percentage of the employee's per diem do you pay for non-concurrent travel of a 15 yr old child? 75%
The rate of payment for Foreign Transfer Allowance Substence Expense (FTASE) for initial occupants is based on the maximum locality rate
What locality rate is used to limit the per diem while an employee is at the new PDS on a house-hunting trip? standard CONUS rate
When the employee and spouse perform the trip together, the fixed rate reimbursement for house hunting is computed by multiplying the applicable locality rate by 6.25
When a civilian employee makes a PCS move and sells a house at the old PDS, the amount cliamed for reimbursement of real estate expenses is limited to what percentage of the selling price? 10
A PCS civilian employee buys a house at the nes PDS and claims reimbursement for real estate expenses incurred. In this situation reimbursement is limited to what percentage of the purchase price? 5
What percentage of the standard CONUS rate of per diem is used to compute the temporary quarters subsistence expense (TQSE) entitlement for the member for the second 30 days? 75
Reimbursment for the fixed rate temporary quarters subsistence expense (TQSE) is limited to a max of 30 days
What is the min misc expense allowance that an employee with dependents is authorized to recieve in connection with a PCS move? $1,300 or 2 weeks' basic compensation, whichever is less
Which employees are authorized to recieve relocation income tax allowance? Employees assigned to a new major command (MAJCOM)
Which of the following employee moving expenses is not taxable during a PCS move? temporary storage of household goods
What form do you attach with the DD form 2278 that replaces orders for local moves and supports the advance payment? AF form 150, drayage/storage authorization - Governemnt quarters
What percentage of per diem is payable for evacuated dependents 12 years and older for the first 30 days at the safe haven? 100
In the event of an evacuation military personnel use DD form 1337, Authoization/Designation for Emergency pay and Allowance, to authorize payment of emergency funds in the event of an evacuation to command and noncommand sponsored dependents
The amount of advance pay authorized by the sponsor to be paid to the primary family member is up to 2 months of basic pay
Which of the following is not a stage executed furing a noncombatant evacuation operation (NEO)? registration
IF travel is on a GA during a TDY, you authorize 1 day every 400 miles
If possible, what hours of the day should not be included in a constructive schedule? 2400 to 0600
A member uses a PCS for personal convenience for a 3-week TDY and the DTOD is 1,287 miles. If the member takes 6 days to drive, how many days of leave should be charged? 2
When determining the applicable days of duty, travel and leave, in what step do you determine the dates of the TDY was performed? step 1
Under the Lodging plus system, the per diem allowance is based on how much the traveler pays for lodging plus meals and incidentals
What per diem amount can a civilian be paid for a TDY of less than 12 hours? none
When a member uses a POV to travel from home to a local airport for TDY, the MALT for terminal travel is limited to round-trip MALT for the official distance
Which of the following is authorized reimbursement fo baggage tips when incurring a baggage transfer fee for personal baggage under the specified conditions? military member at the airport
When does the per diem entitlement terminate for a member who's TDY for less than 20 weeks (133 days) and has the TDY extended for an additional 42 days on day 33? on the date of the amendment order extending the TDY
What is the second step in processing a voucher for a reservist or guardsman? Check the duration of the orders
Who must prepare the check if the DDO is exchanging a treasury check for cash? The cashier
Treasury regulations require verification of all cash balances held outside the treasury at least Quarterly
What is the time frame used for appointing paying agents? For either specific or indefinite periods
Deputies, agents, and cashiers at a deployed locaiton summarize a business day and report their accountability to the DO using DD form 2665, Daily Agent Accountability Summary
Cashiers are not allowed to prepare payment vouchers
When following the contingency training lifecycle (CTL), what mandatory course provides advance paying agent training? Silver flag
Once the airfield is set up and base operations have commenced, then the supported commander may request which UTCs? XFFA2 (FM NCO) and XFFA3 (comptroller)
What action is required when an agent's safe must be opened during agent's absence? Prepare an affidavit listing its contents
Generally, what amount does the Cief of Security Forces set as a minimum to require an escort to or from a bank? $7,500
How often must you submit SF 1149, Statement of designated depositary account, to the accountable DO? Monthly and when closing the account
Just like a DD form 2657, what do you not do with a DD form 2665 for an unbalanced previous business day? Begin a new business day
Whats the next thing a cashier does after balancing on a DD form 2665? Prepare the DD form 1081
Active duty members are paid without exception; reservists and gaurdsmen are paid only whil conducting duty by exception
Gaurd and reserve members placed under federal control and subject to the UCMJ are under Title 10 orders
After confirming pay status of a reservist who asks if he/she is recieving a specific entitlement, you should access member's pay record in DJMS-RC and look at the processed transaction screeen for applicable TIN
What is the last day of chargeable emergency leave if the member returns to the temporary duty location? day before embarkation
If the arrival of a senior officer unnecessarily delays destruction of foreign currency who may perform the senior officer's duties? any disinterested officer
If the certifying officer or disbursing officer denies a travel claim, to whom does the base-level DO submit the doubtful claim? MAJCOM
For assistance in developing the claim the disbursing officer refers doubtful contract claims to the contracting officer
In what step of the scan module method for FM workflow do you log in with your CAC password? Step 3
When working at the AFFSC what is your FM workflow role when you are required to assign documents? Team lead
Created by: melissafish
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