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westward expansion

In the 1850's, what was the method of transportation used to travel from the east to the west? In 1850 means of transportation were train to Missouri, stage coach, or ship. If you went by ship you would go to Central America, then go by train, and get on a different ship, and head for California.
How did the Pony Express operate? The Pony Express began in 1860. It was like a 2,000 mile relay race. Each rider rode about 75 miles but switched every 15 miles. Some riders were 15 years old. The Pony Express was put out of business by the telegraph.
Who invented the telegraph and what was it used for? Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. It used Morse Code which is a system of lights and sound patterns.
What was the Homestead Act and when was it passed? It was a law passed in 1862 that gave the land away in the Great American Desert.This law offered free land to Americans and immigrants.
Describe the Great plains and what life was like for the homesteaders that lived on the frontier? Homesteaders were people who claimed land. Farming on the great plains would take many years of hard work.
How did the west change as people began to move west and settle on the plains? Railroad lines were built to carry farm goods from the great plains to growing cities in the east.
what were some of the challenges that the pioneers faced when they moved to the Great Plains? The plains were a vast region of dry grass land few trees. Weather was harsh,low rainfall. People never thought it would make good farm land.
How did Westward Expansion affect the Native Americans and their way of life? Native Americans lost their land to the American settlers. The Goverment forced Natives off their land.
Why did so many African Americans move to the Great Plains? Free land and did not have very much money.
What was the significance of Promontory Point Utah? Where the gold spike was placed to symbolize the success of the project.
1.Where did the Union pacific start.2.Did they go farther than the central pacific. 1.At Omaha Nebraska.2.Yes went greater distance.
1.Where did the central pacific start.2.Did they go farther than the union pacific. 1.At Sacramento California.2.No went less distance.
Created by: will10
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