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The Renaissance

Origins, Effects, Important figures, Legacy of the Renaissance

The Renaissance began in this place _____________ Italian City States
The original spur for the Renaissance was the rediscovery of Classical Greek and Roman texts
What group from Africa and Asia helped begin the Renaissance by creating new knowledge and passing it along to Europe Arab Muslims
Muslims passed to Europe new knowledge of ________ and _________. Math and Medicine
One cause of the Renaissance was the growth of surplus ____________ that made it possible for some people to sponsor artists and scholars. Wealth
New ideas of the Renaissance came mostly from __________ which were centers of creativity and free thought cities
With increased wealth and new ideas from other lands and from classical texts, some merchants and bankers had the self-confidence to defy ______ the teachings of the Church
This is the belief that the natural world, human judgements, human society, and the people living in it should be the main concern of man. Humanism
Period in Europe when a new way of thinking about the importance fo the real world replaced the religious orientation of the Middle Ages Renaissance
An example of this would be Leonardo da Vinci because he was talented and successful in many areas of study and endeavor. Renaissance Man
During the Middle Ages the only important area of study was _________. Theology
After the Renaissance people thought that the important areas of study were the ones that improved people's lives on Earth
During the Middle Ages it was thought that life in this world was _______ unimportant
During the Middle Ages it was thought that the only important goal was _______ to get to Heaven
After the Renaissance it was thought that _________ was as important as getting to Heaven. living a good life
The main difference between Medieval and Renaissance art was that Renaissance art was _____________. realistic
Creating a painting where the lines of sight converged in a vanishing point gives the painting _______________. perspective
The period of history that began with the invention of writing was the _______________. Ancient Era
Ancient history ended with ______________ the fall of Rome
The fall of the Roman empire began the period of history called the ___________. Middle Ages
The important revolution in the way people thought about the world that ended the Middle Ages was the ______________. Renaissance
The word Renaissance is a French term meaning ____________. rebirth
The Middle Ages were also called the _____________. Dark Ages
During the Middle Ages even Kings and Queens had to follow the orders of the _______________. Church
During the Middle Ages peoples' understanding of the way the world worked was determined by the teachings of the _____________ which were often wrong. Church
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