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FM CDCs for 5 Level

The secretary of the AF for FM and Comp is responsible for proper performance of what FM functions? All Levels
Which Air Staff office serves as technical advisor in carrying out the AF's FM responsibilities? SAF/FMB
Which DFAS center provides service to Army and AF personnel? Indianapolis
THe Sec of Def created DFAS to reduce cost of accounting and Finance operations and to strengthen FM
Although the AF fin services center processes all non- DTS travel, it does not entirely replace the Base-level FSO functions
Which of the three divisions within the Center of Expertise (CoE) develops new analytical capabilities? Plans and special projects
During the utilization and training workshop (U&TW) who is reponsible for reviewing all job tasks and matching them to the applicable skill level? MAJCOM functional managers
What information does the Occupational Measurement Squadron provide through Occupational Survey Reports? Functional area job tasks
Who creates the "strawman" task listing and submits it to the Utilization and training workshop membership? Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
Benefits of electronic records include ease of use, portability with today's expeditionary force and Consistency
Which of the following is not a benefit of electronic training records? Visibility of training status
The success of an on-the-job training program is the direct result of a dedicated, focused effort by the trainers and trainees.
Since it is mandatory for you to use on-the-job (OJT) training guides for core task certification, when should you download then from the SAF/FM web site? the day you are ready to use them
The nomination for the Aces High Award focuses on career background and accomplishment
Which listening skill is directed toward understanding the customer rather than attempting to change that person? Listening as a reciever.
Which of the six recommendations for returning a phone call recommends that you should always be pleasant? 5
Customer satisfaction research will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses.
Which organization writes, reveises and negotiates with the contracted credit card company on all issues for the governement travel charge card program? GSA
The government travel card program currently uses a controlled spend account.
The management control program is structured to meet the requirements of the Federal managers financial integrity act
A condition that has a significant negative impact on an organization's management control objectives is known as a material weakness.
Who appoints the quality assurance manager who has the primary responsibility for administering the Quality Assurance Program? FM
How often should a quality assurance plan be reviewed to ensure that all planned activities are accomplished? Monthly
Which process tool provides the comptroller with an independent review of a functional are Quality assurance review.
The commander appointed POC for the self-inspection is not required to validate each line item.
What does the quality assurance manager (QAM) do once the travel review is complete? Provide a report to the FSO
Which defense joint military pay system transaction is porcessed to establish a pay record accessibility indicator for members not appearing on the Off-line Reporting Control roster? SC04
TO sustain successful operations, the AF depends on measuring its performance and examing its procedures through the AF auditing agency
How many steps are needed for successful decision support? 8
What percentage of visual information do we retain from a presentation? 55
Normally, what is the percentage of non-value added activities in a process? 80
Waste is pervasive and difficult to see due to the distributive natur of most Transactional work.
Who ensures that two terminal ares security officers (TASO) are appointed at each field site? FSO
How often should a terminal area security officer (TASO) ensure that USERID validations are completed? Semi-annually
Which of the following is not a type of inquiry request in DJMS? Individual
Which leave and earning statement section lists the basic allowance for housing a member recieves Pay data
Which leave and earning statement section lists total entitlements and total deductions year to date? Remarks
Which of the following is not characterized as a CMS case? Documents
In the CMS what do you do after you enter a member's social security number in the Enter/update/Request status on a "case" section? Select the applicable subject from the pull down menu
What is your first action if you need to add comments or attachments to a case that is not currently assigned to your agency? Select the case you want to update
Which DTS report lists members who may be entitled to foreign duty pay? OCONUS
How many days of pay would a member recieve for the pay period if he or she entered active duty on 19 Feb in a non-leap year? 12
If a member separates from active duty on 28 Feb of a non-leap year, what is the max number of days of basic pay he or she recieves for Feb? 30
How many days of basic pay does a member who only serves on active duty from 15 Mar through 5 Apr receive? 22
THe initial enlistment bonus (incentive) is offered to enlistees as an incentive to enlist in critical career fields
Who determines if a member is eligible to recieve hazardous duty incentive pay (HDIP)? Host Aviation Resouce Management (HARM)
If all other qualifications are met, which pay must the member be entitled to in order to recieve hostile fire pay? Basic Pay
TO amke a Career Status bonus selection, a member must fill out and submit which form? DD form 2839
What is the first step when processing hostile fire/imminent danger pay? Log into Defense Military Pay Office (DMO) system
When reporting HF/IDP in Defense Military Pay Office (DMO) what do you do after you input your initials in the source of input section? Type in the Format ID (FID)
In the DMO system, what action is taken after selecting "new cycle" from the drop down menu? Add cycle number
The medical special pay for physicians, which is based upon training status and years of creditable medical service, is Variable Special Pay (VSP)
What action must the DFAS take if it cannot convince a bank to waive charges against an employee's account because of faulty delivery of pay? Reimburse the employee and provide letters of explanation to any holder of dishonored checks
What figure is used as the basis for FICA tax? Total gross pay for each pay period
Employees covered under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) are subject to Medicare tax only
What documentation is required in order to show relationship to a stepchild? Marriage cert and birth cert
When are members not required to recertify their BAH entitlement? Upon PCS departure
What is entered into DMO system when processing normal BAH and the action indicator has already been entered? The effective date
Which of these is not considered a primary dependent? Parent
Who performs dependency redeterminations, and how often are they done? DFAS- Indianapolis (DFAS-IN); annually
Enlisted permanent party members assigned single government quarters may be authorized BAS without deductions when they miss 20% of meals over 7 months in a 12 month period
If a member is entitled to a different type of BAS and is not receiving it, when you get an AF form 220 authorizing the change, you process what transaction? DN02
When computing BAS, in Step 2, you determine if there is anything to deduct
When processing retroactive meal collections what option for accomplishing retroactive collections requries multiple inputs and manual tracking of the amount collected? 2
What transaction code in DJMS will create a sizable meal charge for the period of uncharged days? DN01
An officer is restricted from entitlement to an initial uniform allowance when the period of duty does not required wearing of the uniform and the officer is not physically qualified for active duty before entitlement
A member enters the AF in Jan 2008. When will the first payment of standard clothing maintenance allowance be paid? EOM Jan 2012
A temporary duty civilian clothing allowance is paif when a member performs a temporary duty (TDY) for at least how many cumulative days in a 30-day period? 15
When computing Fam Sep allowance - Temp (FSA-T) you should never pay the day of return
If block 11 of the DD 1561 is filled out, what type of seperation allowance is being claimed? Family separation allowance - PCS (FSA-R)
If a member, a spouse (not entitled to basic pay) and one 12 year old dependent claim temporary lodging expense to their CONUS to CONUS move, what applicable percentage is multiplied against the meals and incidentals (M&IE)? 135%
The max number of days authorized for temp lodging allowance is TLA-I 60 days, TLA-D is 10 days
When cooking facilities are available, computation for TLA is based on what percentage of meals and incidentals rate? 50
What station allowance is used to make a residence habitable using average expenses? MIHA miscellaneous
What percentage of the utility/reoccuring maintenance allowance is used when computing monthly overseas housing allowance for members without dependents? 75
What effect does the PCS departure transaction have on payment of COLA? Stops it ond day prior to departure date OCONUS to CONUS
Under normal circumstances, if a member chooses to deposit monney into the Savings Deposit program you first compute the amount the member can deposit
What is the max number of discretionary alloments authorized? 6
Which allotment is for a defined period of time? CFC
In the financial services office, you will not forward TSP contributions to the National Finance Center
Factors that affect the amount of federal tax are marital status number of exemptions, and additional withholding
Which step in computing Fed tax (FITW) has you adding all the items of pay? Step 1
What step in computing Fed tax (FITW) has you multiplying the number of exemptions claimed times the exemption amount? Step 2
When are residents of Arizona exempt from State tax (SITW)? Never, Arizona residents must pay SITW
Which state requires members arriving on PCS to recertify exemption from State tax (SITW)? Connecticut
You should breif anyone claiming Puerto Rico for state inclome tax purposes of their liability since DJMS does not withhold State tax and the member is liable
A military contingency operation area designed by public law to recieve the same tax benefit as a combat zone, but must be designed as a hostile fire/immeninent danger pay area is called a QHDA
What responsibility does the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO) - San Antonio have before submitting a rebuttal for excess cost of household goods? Send the DD 139 to you and processes a suspended DR01
After contacting a member concerning a tax levy, the member must report to the FSO within how many working days to be briefed on resolving a debt? 3
Who processes debt transactions relating to Deferred Payment Program debts? Headquarters, AAFES
What action do you take when you recieve a UR03 management notice concerning a debt to the AAFES Ensure that the 2/3 rule is followed
You are required to provide written notification to a member regarding a debt when they were given no prior notification
Within how many days should you perform follow-up if a remission case has not appeared on the open case listing? 45
When submitting a letter to the commander for appeal of a debt, the member must include all of the following except? AF form 1782, application for waiver of erroneaous payments
What option does a member have if a rebuttal for an excess household goods debt is disapproved? File a remission
Dishonored commissary checks are not subject to the 2/3 rule
What corrective action is taken if a code on the Open or Suspended Questionable Indebtedness listing is a B, action indicator 18 over 5 months old? Determine reason for suspension if the action code is Q8
Which type of pay is subject to a loss of entitlement known as a forfeiture? Hardship duty pay
A member's longevity is based on the member's pay date
Created by: melissafish
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