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Chapter 8 & 9


acetabu/o- ACETABULM: Cut-shaped socket in the hip bone that is formed by the ilium and the pubic bone. It is where the head of the femur fits to form the hip joint.
Acromion Flat, bony projection of the scapula where it connects to the clavicle
appendicul/o- The bones of the shoulders, arms, hips and legs
articul/o- Joint
Articular Cartilage Cartilage that covers the bones ends in a synovial joint
Articulation A joint where two bones come together and join or articulate
Axi/o- Axis
Axial Skelton The bones of the head, chest and spine
Bones The 206 individual pieces of the skelton
osse/o- bone
osteo/o- bone
Calcane/o- Calcaneus (Heel Bone)
Calcaneus Larges of the ankle bones. Also know as the heel bone
Cancellous bone Spongy bone found in the epiphyses of long bones. its spaces are filled with red bone marrow that makes blood cells.
cancell/o- lattice structure
Carpal bones The eight small bones of the wrist joint
carp/o- wrist
Cervical Vertebrae Vertabra of the back
cervic/o neck
Clavicle Hosizontal bone in each shoulder that joins with the manubrium of the sternum and the acromion of the scapula. Also known as the collar bone
clavic/o- clavicle (collar bone)
coccyx Group of several small, fused vertebrae below the sacrum
coccyg/o- coccyx (tail bone)
caracoid process Small projection on the scapula where the mmuscles of the arm and chest attach. It resembles a bent finger.
coronal suture Suture between the frontal bone and the parietal bones of the cranium
coron/o- encircling structure
costal carilage Smooth, firm, but felxible segments of connective tissue that join the ribs to the sernum. The area where the costal cartilage meets the rib is known as the costochondral joint.
cost/o- rib
chondr/o- cartilage
cranuim Bony structure of the head that contains the cranial cavity and the brain
crani/o- cranium
diaphysis The straight shaft of a long bone
diaphs/0- shaft of a bone
epophysis The widened ends of a long bone. Each end contains the epipysial plate where bone groth takes place
epiphys/o- growth area on the end of a bone
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