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Med Term Less/Part 4

Medical Terminology Lesson/Parts Terms 4

Aut- self
crin- [separate] secrete, secretion
esthe(s)- sensation, sensitivity, sense
gen(e)-, -gen come into being; produce
gram- [something written] a record
graph- write, record
iatr- healer, physician; treatment
idi- of one's self
kine- move
kines(i)- movement, motion
ly(s)- destroy, break down
myx- mucus
orth- straight, erect; normal
ot- ear
path- [suffering] disease
phil- love; have an affinity for
pt- fall, sag, drop, prolapse
pyr- [fire] fever, burning
pyret- fever
pyrex- be feverish
rhe- [run] flow, secrete
rhag- [burst forth] flow profusely, hemorrhage
rhex- rupture
rhin- nose
scop- look at, examine
sep- [be putrid] be infected
ta- stretching
tel- end, completion
ten-, tenon(t)- tendon
therap(eu)- treat medically, heal
tom- a cutting, slice, incision
ton- [a stretching] (muscular) tone, tension
-gen (compound suffix) substance that produces (something)
-genesis (compound suffix) formation, origin
-genic, -genous (compound suffix) causing, producing, caused by produced by or in
-gram (compound suffix) a record of the activity of an organ (often an x-ray)
-graph (compound suffix) an instrument for recording the activity of an organ
-graphy (compound suffix) (1) the recording of the activity of an organ (usually by x-ray examination) (2) a descriptive treatise (on a subject)
-lysis (compound suffix) dissolution, reduction, decomposition, disintegration
-lytic (compound suffix) pertaining to dissolution or decomposition, disintegration (forms adjectives form words ending in -lysis)
-pathy (compound suffix) disease
-ptosis (compound suffix) dropping, sagging, prolapse (of an organ or part)
-rrhagia (compound suffix) profuse discharge, hemorrhage
-rrhea (compound suffix profuse discharge, excessive secretion
-rrhexis (compound suffix) bursting (of tissue), rupture
-scope (compound suffix) an instrument for examing
-scopy (compound suffix) examination
-tome (compound suffix) a surgical instrument for cutting
-tomy (compound suffix) surgical incision
-ectasia, -ectasis (compound suffix) dilation, enlargement
-ectomy (compound suffix) surgical excision; removal or all (total excision) or part (partial excision) or an organ
Created by: kjohnson1389