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Ayse Food

Name and description of food items on Ayse menu

Hummus Chickpea, garlic, tahini, EVO,lemon, blended in a food processor. Origin, Turkey
Tahini Roasted sesame paste.
Tzatziki Cucumber, yogurt, garlic, dill, red onion, lemon juice. Greek style yogurt, very thick. Cucumbers are blended into dip.
Pasa Ezmesi feta, yogurt, bieber, lemon, parsley Spicy cheese dip, jalapenos Origin, Turkey.
Babbaganoush Roasted eggplant, tahini, lemon, garlic, EVO Lebanese
Yunan Yogurdu greek yogurt, zaatar, EVO
Muhammara Roasted red pepper, walnuts, lemon, pomegranate mollasses, aleppo peppers
Gemlik Zeytin black olives, pepper paste, tomatoes, garlic, feta Zeytin is Turkish for olive, Gemlik is a region in Turkey that we import our olives and EVO from
Kuzu Cigar spiced lamb, golden raisins, pine nuts, garlic yogurt Spiced ground lamb with raisins and nuts wrapped in phyllo and fried. Garlic yogurt served on side. Origin, Turkey
Peynir Cigar Feta, goat cheese, phyllo, spicy apricot spoon sweet Bulgarian feta wrapped in phyllo w/ spicy apricot "spoon sweet" (dried apricots and jalapeno) Fried. Looks like cigars, very fast cook time Turkey
Tavuk Cigar chicken, cilantro, walnut, green onion, salsa verde Chopped chicken with walnuts and cilantro and rolled in phyllo dough. Served with the salsa verde to dip Turkey
Bulgarian Feta apple, cranberry, jalapeno Lightly salted Bulgarian cheese Greek
Saganaki Kasseri Cheese flamed with brandy, lemon cheese dipped in milk and flour Greek
Manouri Calmynra figs, honey, walnuts, sherry vinegar gel Sheeps milk, firm, white cheese. Gel is thickened with agar (seaweed derrivative) Greek
Grilled Haloumi tomato, mint, lemon Cheese is from Cyprus made from sheep's milk. Non melting cheese/firmer cheese. Diced or cherry tomatoes with a mint/parsley pesto and a lemon wedge garnish Greek
MD Pide Crab, peppers, scallions, old bay aioli, cheddar Crab dip in fresh baked bread with cheese on top
Spinach Pide Garlic spinach, mushrooms, feta, tomatoes, olives Sauteed garlic spinach and other ingredients in fresh baked bread
Peynrili Pide tomato sauce, kasser cheese, oregano Cheese pide. Kasser cheese with tomato sauce and garlic in fresh bread
Tavuk Pide chicken, tomato yogurt, kasser cheese Chicken with a tomato yogurt blend in fresh bread
Pastirma Pide spiced beef, figs, goat cheese, pistachio Pastirma is cured beef loin, sliced thin. Ingredients together in fresh bread
Sucuk Pide beef sausage, onions, peppers, kasser cheese Spicy beef sausage. All in fresh bread
Corban Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, bell peppers. Olives, feta, EVO Salad, medium diced and mixed. No lettuce
Greek Salad Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, bell peppers. Olives, feta, EVO Similar to Corban but with romaine and lemon vin Greek
Pancar roasted beets, arugula, manouri, walnuts, sherry dressing beets are roasted and tossed with arugula, walnuts, and dressing. Sherry is a sweeter vinagierette. Sprinkled goats cheese on top
Mercimek Corbasi Red lentil soup, lemon yogurt, red onion, parsley salad
Created by: lwheelock