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Mrs Hull vocab - 3

to limit, modify, or restrict qualify
The team was excited when they ______________ to be in the championship. qualified
to acknowledge or admit; to make concessions concede
The teacher decided to _____________, or acknowledge, how well her students were acting concede
to attempt to prove that an accusation or theory is false rebut
The lawyer went to court to __________ that her client was guilty. rebut
to disprove an accusation or a theory refute
Christopher Columbus _____________ the accusation that the Earth is flat by sailing around the whole world. refuted
to weaken; subvert; hinder undermine
The girl _________________ herself by not trying as hard as she could have. undermined
to emphasize; to draw special attention to a fact, idea, or situation underscore
The teacher decided to ____________ in our notes what would be on the test. underscore
marked by an orderly, logical, and clear relationship coherent
It was ___________ through the girl's description that she thinks her cat is cute. coherent
a mental tendency or inclination; especially an unfair preference for a person or group; not objective and therefore partisane bias
I would be a ___________ judge on So You Think You Can Dance because I enjoy one type of dance more than the other types. biased
the standard of judging something criterion
I met the height requirement, or _____________, to ride the rollercoaster. criterion
a hypothesis formed from incomplete evidence; a deduction conjecture
I made a _________________ that something scared the people when they ran out of the room screaming. conjecture
confidently optimistic and cheerful sanguine
The _____________ girl always seemed to be in a good mood. sanguine
really happy and enthusiastic; joyfully unrestrained exuberant
The girl was really ________________, or happy, when she won the contest. exuberant
designed or intended to teach or instruct; serving to enlighten or inform didactic
The _____________________ app is supposed to teach the player how to play chess. didactic
marked by great conviction; forceful and clear; unambiguous emphatic
In court, the defendant __________________, or firmly, said that she did not rob the store. emphatically
marked by deep sincerity and serious intent earnest
The girl ________________ apologized to her friend. earnestly
Created by: emily.grace