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SAT vocabulary words

What the title says

aesthetic characterized by sensitivity to beauty in art and taste
conventional customary; confirming to established practices
antithetical characterized by extreme contrast or polar opposites
prescient perceiving the significance of events before they occur; showing foresight
nosalgia a bittersweet longing for something in the past
beguile to trick or captivate someone, either with deception or irresistible charm
ominous menacing and threatening; foreshadowing
succinct brief and to the point; concise
dicerning demonstrating keen insight and good judgment; able to distinguish good from bad
belie to give a false impression; to misrepresent
anomaly a deviation from a common pattern; a departure from the norm
peremptory an order or command that does not allow discussion or rufsal
mitigate to make less severe or harsh; to moderate; to lesson; to relieve
pragmatic practical; realistic; down to earth
qualify to limit, modify, or restrict
concede to acknowledge or admit; to make connessions
rebut to attempt to prove that an accusation or theory is false
refute to disprove an accusation or theory
undermine to weaken; subvert; hinder
altruistic characterized by unselfish concern for the welfare of others; not egotistical
diffident timid; lacking self-confidence; shy and reserved, especially in a social gathering
frank open and honest; candid
revere to show great respect for a person, idea, or symbol; to venerate
subtle gradual therefore not obvious
reticent reluctant to discuss one's thoughts feelings and personal affairs
anecdote a short story told to illustrate a point
bias a mental tendency or inclination; especially to an unfair preference for a person or group; not objective and therefore partisan
underscore to emphasize; to draw special attention to a fact, idea, or situation
coherent marked by an orderly, logical, and clear relationship
conjecture a hypothesis formed from incomplete evidence; a deduction
criterion the standard judging of something
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