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Are cellphones allowed on campus? No( teacher discreation)
Is the school responsibe for lost or damaged item? No
How often should you write in your agenda? Everyday
Will you be fined for damaged text books? Yes
When is the earliest should you arrive the campus by? 7:45
When is the latest you should be on campus? 3:15( clubs or actives accpect)
Are you allowed to hold hands at school? No
Is spreading rumors bullying? Yes
Are you allowed to chew gum or sunflower seeds on campus? No
What should you do after you eat your lunch? Clean up trash
Is throwing things allowed on campus? NO
What are some excused absenses? illness, funeral, court apperance, religious holiday, SART hearing, etc.
How many hours do you have to report an absence by? 48 hours
How long is it untill a tardy is considered an absence? 30 minutes
What are you supposed to do if you have a doctors appointment? Bring a note signed by parent to office
Is kindness allowed in or school? Yes!!!!
Character Traits Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship
How many excused absences will be required of a medical note? 14
Who's responsibility is it to get absent work? Student
How many periods must you attend to go to a CMS activity? 4 periods
How many days can an Independent Study Contract be formed? For a five day absense.
When must you turn in the Independent Study Contract Work? Five days before trip
What time must you be in class by in the morning? 7:58
First Tardy A warning
Second Tardy Second warning and parent contact
Third Tardy Contact to parent and citizenship grade reduction
Fourth Tardy Refarrel and lunch detenion
What will be assigned after 14 unexcused absences? Saturday School
What will happen if file share? Refferal, or detention, or parent contacted, or zero on assignment, or citizenship grade lowered, or etc.
Are bicycles allowed on campus? No
how may inches are straps supposed to be? 1 inch
Are you allowed to wear your train pajama pants to school? NoOOOOOOO!!!
What will happen if you break dress code first time? Change into pe clothes, signed letter and wash clothes
Second Dress code violation Pe uniform, lunch detetion, signed leter
Third Dress Code violaation Second and refarral and friday detenion
Are you supposed to be lous during drills? No quiet in a single file line with teacher
What do students need when walking in the halls during class? hall pass
Where are your parent supposed to drop you off? White loading zones on g and f street
Where and how should cellphones be ? Turned off and in backpack
What is Over Display of Public Affection? No hand-holding, hugging, or kissing on campus
1st technology offense 2 school day phone to parent, refarral, and detention
2nd tech offense 5 school days, parent contact, refarrel, zero on paper, citizen grade lowered, Friday detetion
3rd tech offense Tech loss determined choices list, and all other punishments
Created by: colem925
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