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ch. 2 Beginning

Compare the education and level of practice between registered and practical nurses. LPN provides nursing care in long-term and acute care facilities. May also work in physician’s office and clinic setting. Works under the supervision of an RN or MD; ED: 1 to 2 years RN provides direct and indirect nursing care, supervision and leaders
Identify at least one of the standards of the National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses in relationship to each of the following: education, legal status, and practice. Education=Shall complete a formal education program in practical nursing approved by the appropriate nursing authority in a stateLegal/Ethical= shall hold a current license to practice nursing as an LPN/LVN in accordance with the law of the state wherein
Differentiate between permissive and mandatory licensure permissive licensure means to work as a nurse or practice without a license.mandatory licensure is law that designates the functions, duties, and responsiblities of the nurse and uses the title "nurse".
Discuss the reasons for a nurse to seek licensure to established that you are qualified worker; eligible to take an exam; to avoid a criminal act
Identify the importance of the nurse’s pledge it is used as a guide for nursing practice
Explain the importance of nursing theory and how a theoretical framework helps nurses in their learning, understanding, and practice Nursing is based on the theory of what it is, what nurses do and why. Nursing is a unique discipline and separate from medicine. Theories provide a skeleton on which to hang knowledge. This theoretical framework give you and other students a basis for for
List the roles of today’s nurse, briefly explaining each one. The nurse is a care provider by achieving the maximum level of wellness possible.The nurse if an advocate by helping ensure the client receives necessary care and by intervening when necessaryThe nurse is a communicator by documenting client care and clie
Discuss the importance of nurses projecting a professional image. Because you represent the establishment where you work and you need people trust you; to maintain maximum levels of safety, hygiene and protection for you and your clients.
Discuss the goals of at least three nursing organizations and state at least two reasons why a student or a licensed nurse should join a professional organization. NAPNES goal is licensure, professional practice and education of LPNNFLPN goal is to provide standards of nursing care in promoting competence through continued post-licensure education and certification.NLV goal is to advance excellence in nursing educat
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