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SAT words

SAT vocabulary words Wks. 1-5

characterized by a sensitivity to art and taste aestetic
customary;confronting to established practices conventional
to make less severe or harsh mitigate
practical,down to earth,realistic pragmatic
characterized by unselfish concern of others altruistic
timid or lacking self confidence diffident
open and honest frank
to show great respect for a person,place,or symbol revere
gradual and therefore not obvious subtle
not outspoken,shy reticent
polar opposites antithetical
showing foresight prescient
a bittersweet longing for something in the past nolgostia
to trick or captivate someone with irresistible charm beguile
foreshadowing ill-fortune ominious
brief and to the point succint
demonstrating good judgement discerning
to give a false impression belie
a deviation from a common pattern anomaly
an order or command that doesn't allow conversation peremptory
a short story told to illustrate a point anecdote
a brief sketch vignette
when you use like or as to compare two things similie
you don't compare two things using like or as metaphor
non-living objects that are given human traits personification
a statement that can nonetheless be true paradox
the repetition of vowel sounds in non-rhyming words assonance
saying one thing and someone else says the opposite verbal irony
what is expected and what actually occurs situational irony
repetition of words that are similar in meaning and structure parallel structure
a situation that the narrator makes less important than it actually is understatement
the use of exaggerated language hyperbole
a reference to a noun allusion
an expression put into parentheses parenthetical expression
the use of wit,irony,and sarcasm satire
a comparison to a familiar object to an unfamiliar one analogy
to ridicule with satire lampoon
a more agreeable or less offensive substitute for a generally unpleasant word or concept euphemism
to praise with elegant words eulogize
characterized by parallel similarity that permits the drawing of an analogy analogous
to limit,restrict,or modify qualify
to acknowledge or admit defeat;to make concessions concede
to attempt to prove an accusation or theory wrong rebut
to disprove an accusation or theory refute
to weaken;subvert;hinder undermine
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