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Procedures of CNS

Recording of electrical activity in the brain,whos cells emit distinct patterns EEG,AKA Electroencepholgraphy
Recording of electrical singnals that occur in a muslce when it is at rest and during contration to asses nerve damage EMG,AKA Electromyography
Needle puncture of the spinal cavity to extract spinal fluid for diagnostic purposes Lumbar Puncture,AKA Spinal Tap
Noninvasive test taht records electomagnetic activity produced as neurons discgarge and map their pathway through tha brain MEG,AKA Magnetoencephalography
Series of chemical, microscopic and microbial test used to diagnose disorders of the CNS, including viral/bacterial infections, and tumors Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis,AKA "CSF"
Radiography of blood vessels after the introduction of contrast medium Angiography
Diagnostic radiological examinaton of the spinal canal, never roots and spinal cord after injection of contrast medium into the spinal canal Myelography
What are the Three types of brain scans CT, PET, and Brain
Technique that exposes abnormal tissue to extreme cold to destroy it Cryosurgery
Partial destruction of the thalamus to treat intractable pain, involuntary movements, or emotional disturbances helps treat parkinson's Disease Thalamotomy
Transection of the nerve tract in the brainsteam or spinal cord to releave pressure Tractotomy
Technique that cuts a circular opening into the skull to reveal brain tissue and decrease intracranial pressure Trephination (Burr Holes)
Interruption of the function of the vagus nerve to releve peptic ucler Vagotomy
Brain scan that rotates around area to be seen CT
BrainScan that is used to see damage of the brain and NS PET
Brain Scan used to see masses,lesions and tumors Brain scan
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