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Diseases of CNS

Is a facial paralysis caused by a functional disorder of the 7th cranial never or any of its braches Bell's Palsy
Is a progressive neurological disorder affecting the portion of the brain responsible for controlling movement Parkinson's Disease
Is a progressive degenerative disease of the CNS, charaterized by inflamation, harding, and loss of myelin in the spinal cord and brain "MS" Multiple Sclerosis
Is a progressive neurological disorder that causes memory loss and serious mental deterioration Alzheimer's Disease
Includes an array of phychological disorders, symdromes, and behavioral patterns. Cause alterations in mood, behavior, and thinking. Mental Illness
What are the Two types of mental illness Psychosis(serious), and Neurosis(emotional)
Defect in which the neural tube fail to close during embryogenesis Spina Bifida
What are the Two types of spina bifida Meningocele, and Myelomeingocele(spinal and meninges protruted)
Type of brain tumor that originates in the brain and is most times is a benign tumor Primary Tumor
Type of brain tumor that originates from somewhere else and spread to the brain, most times melignate Secondary Tumor
What are the Four types of headachs Tension, Migraine, cluster, and Hormone(catamenial)
A transient attack that last only a few minutes, occurs when tha blood supply to that part of brain is interrupted TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) aka mini stroke
Inflammation of the tissue that surrounds the brain and spinal cord Meningitis
What are the Two types of Menigitis Viral (most common), and Bacterial
Is an acute inflamation of the brain commonly caused by a viral infection Encephalitis
Disease caused by the Varicella-Zoster virus, same virus that causes chickenpox Shingles
A neuromuscular disorder, causes fluctuating weakness of certain skeletal muscles, characterized by destruction of the receptors in the synaptic region Myastenia Gravis
Another name for a stroke "CVA" Cerebrovascular Accident
What are the two major parts of the Nervous System CNS and PNS
Mental disorders that is cause by emotional experiences from the past that affects the person in the present neurosis
Metal disorders where you have halucinations, speech is disorganized, and are diloustional Psychosis
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