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MOD G - Unit IV

Gaylor S&T Wk#4

Aesthetics A drug which a doctor or dentist uses to put you, your mouth, or some other part of your body asleep so you do not feel any pain during dental or medical procedures.
Archwire is a wire conforming to the alveolar or dental arch, that can be used as a source of force in correcting irregularities in the position of the teeth with dental braces.
Bands a rubber ring that is placed around the bracket to hold the wire in place on the braces
Brackets A metal or ceramic part that is glued onto a tooth and serves as a means of fastening the arch wire
Bridge a simple rigid structure in the shape of an ā€œLā€ fixed to a vertical surface
Bruxism Clenching or grinding of your teeth
Cephalograph x-ray of the skull (cephal/o means skull)
Crossbite A malocclusion where some of your upper teeth are inside of your lower teeth when you bite down
Elastics a rubber band, a flexible stretchable fabric made interwoven strands of rubber or an imitative synthetic fiber
Edentulous Toothless or someone is said to be edentulous is when all of their teeth are missing from either their upper or lower jaw.
Endontics treatment of dental pulp diseases
Fixed appliances any orthodontic component that is cemented or bonded to the teeth.
Full crown cast restoration that covers the entire anatomic crown of the tooth
Full dentures replacement of all teeth in an arch
Headgear external orthodontic appliance used to control growth and tooth movement
Mastication chewing food: to grind and pulverize food inside the mouth, using teeth and jaws
Malocclusion Poor positioning of your teeth.
Occlusion The alignment and spacing of your upper and lower teeth when you bite down.
Orthodontics correction of teeth irregularities
Overbite where the upper jaw (maxillary) is farther out than the lower jaw (mandible)
Palate The hard and soft tissues forming the roof of the mouth that separates the oral and nasal cavities.
Partial crown a restoration that covers three or more, but not all surfaces of the tooth
Partial dentures removable prosthesis (fake teeth) replacing teeth within the same arch
Periodontal disease disease of the gums
Periodontics dental treatment of gums
Pontic artificial tooth that replaces a missing natural tooth
Prosthodontics replacement of teeth
Removable appliances Removable orthodontic appliances used to effect simple tipping movements of one tooth or several
Temporomandibluar joint joint on each side of head that allows for movement of the mandible
Veneer thin layer of composite resin or porcelain bonded or cemented to a prepared facial surface
Created by: SHAALLEN