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2G051 v1

Logistics Management Specialist

What is the core component of combat logistics support? Logistics planning function
For which areas do log planners (or "loggies") evaluate assigned functions and direct operation of logistics plans processes and special activities? Deployment control centers
How many core competencies are there for log plans? 5
Conducting readiness assessment is critical to measure a unit's ability to deploy and sustain forward operation
What program is used to visualize and analyze the gross transportation feasibility of an Operation Plan (OPLAN) time-phased force and deployment data (TPFDD)? Joint Flow Analysis System for Transportation (JFAST)
Right-sized unit type codes (UTC) are scalable and modular
What keeps combatant commanders informed of the status of forces they will be receiving Intransit Visibility (ITV)
What ensure operations continue throughout the duration of a mission? Sustainment
During which process do Airmen assist in monitoring and reporting limiting factors? Adaptive planning process
Which function do non commissioned officers (NCO) provide during base support and expeditionary site planning processes? Conduct training for subordinate and tenant units
A trainee may perform a task unsupervised when task certified
What is the maximum time it should take a trainee to progress from the 3-skill level to the 3-skill level? 15-months
What position can a 9-level be expected to fill? Superintendent
Which area is not a base-level log plans function? Functional management
Which section is a base-level log plans function? War readiness materiel management
What kind of activities will 20 percent of your time be spent? Deployment
What is the title of an individual who leads a unified command? Combatant commander
In which area do major command (MAJCOM) personnel work with other logistics functional areas to ensure needed logistics resources are identified and programmed in the Program Objective Memorandum (POM)? Programs
Which agency is the senior war-fighting echelon of the US Air Force? Numbered Air Force (NAF)
What is the highest classification level of material on a national level? TOP SECRET
From what document might an enemy gain a great strategic advantage by knowing where we plan to mass our forces in the event of a conflict? War readiness material (WRM) documents
What elements should someone possess before granted access to classified material? Proper security clearance and need to know the information
Who is the statutory military advisor to the National Security Council (NSC)? Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Who is the intelligence advisor to the National Security Council (NSC)? Director of National Intelligence
What level of decision is made through use of the National Security Council System (NSCS)? Presidential
What community refers to the participating in the overall strategic planning of the Armed Forces? Joint Strategic Planning Community
The primary means by which the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) performs joint strategic planning is the Joint Strategic Planning System (JSPS)
A major goal of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) System is to link any major decision for acquisition, force structure, operational concepts, and infrastructure
The Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) System is concerned with allocation resources to meet the war fighting needs of combatant commanders (CCDR)
The Department of Defense (DOD) turns budgets and the money that comes from them into operational military plans through the use of the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP)
Which system is the Department of Defense (DOD) directed single, integrated joint command and control system for conventional operation planning and execution: Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES)
Who is the focus of the joint operation planning process, using it to determine the best method of accomplishing assigned tasks and direct the actions necessary to accomplish the mission? Combatant commandeered (CCDR)
What type of plan is an abbreviated form of an operation plan (OPLAN)? Concept
What plan may or may not have an associated time-phased force and deployment data (TPFDD)? Concept
What type of plan is prepared by the supporting combatant commanders when they are assisting the supported commander's contingency plans? Supporting
During crisis action planning, which of the following are prepared in prescribed formats under joint procedures? Operation order
What formal process is used to source the emerging unified combatant commander (UCC) requirements? Joint Sourcing process
What type of planning is the cornerstone of the peacetime planning process? Contingency
How many phases are there in the crisis action planning (CAP) process? 6
What phase of crisis action planning consists of a report containing information on the current situation actions taken by USForces rules of engage/readily available forces/ timeframe for the commitment of forces/any major constraints to force employment? Crisis assessment
Which phase of crisis action planning (CAP) ends when the National command Authorities (NCA) decides to return to the pre-crisis situation, or have military options developed for possible consideration? Crisis assessment
Which phase of crisis action planning (CAP) begins when command authorities decide to use a military response to a situation? Course of action development
What type of order is sent to the supported commander and Joint Planning and Execution Community to direct execution planning before a course of action is formally approved by the Secretary of Defense and President of the United States? Planning
What kind of order does the Secretary of Defense approve and transmit to the supported commander and joint Planning and Execution Community announcing the selected course of action? Alert
What type of order is used to prepare forces to deploy or deploy forces without approving the execution of a plan or operations order? Deployment
How is war readiness materiel positioned? As starter stock, swing stock, or combination of both
What category of war readiness materiel is expended by its use? Consumables
Vehicles that support a unit's peacetime mission and do not deploy are identified by use code K
Once all war readiness materiel authorization have been loaded into the Materiel Management System, who is responsible to validate the information? WRM noncommissioned officer
Who are the functional experts for their respective areas and are essential to the war readiness materiel program? Unit WRM managers
What does the War Plans Additive Requirements Report authorize? Vehicles
What level of command uses part one of the War Plans Additive Requirements Report? Major commands
What are the two parts of the war consumable distribution objective? Munitions and nonmunitions
The Wartime Aircraft Activity Report describes aircraft activity for a specific installation
The Wartime Aircraft Activity Report is produced using either Air Force approved, or major command directed, plan unique sortie durations and rates
What inventories are set by the Inventory management Plan? Petroleum
Which functional area must logistics planners work with when dealing with the inventory Management Plan? Fuels
What war readiness materiel document is the vehicle authorization listing created from? War Plans additive Requirements Report
When dealing with the vehicle authorization listing, what use codes are logistics planners mainly concerned with? L, M,
Who is ultimately responsible for making every effort to ensure approved levels of support are requisitioned, stored, and maintained ready for use? Installation commander
Who is responsible to manage the installation war readiness materiel program and is the office of primary responsibility for the program? WRM officer
Who is responsible for establishing a war readiness materiel training program? WRM officer/noncommissioned officers
Who accompanies the war readiness materiel noncommissioned officer on surveillance visits to provide technical expertise? WRM manager
Who has the responsibility to ensure the war readiness materiels outload is properly coordinated? WRM noncommissioned officer
Who must document war readiness materiels movement requirements in the Expeditionary Site Plan? Staring unit
Who is responsible to coordinate, compile, analyze, and submit an annual budget for war readiness materiel? WRM noncommissioned officer
If an item of war readiness materiel is frequently used for indirect mission support, the unit that is frequently using it should add or increase the item's peacetime stock levels
materiel reconstitution after direct mission support use? Storing command
Who is responsible for costs associated with war readiness materiel reconstitution after indirect mission support use? Using unit
What is the best forum for a war readiness materiel noncommissioned officer to communicate war readiness WRM needs to senior leaders? WRM Review Board
When a new war consumable distribution objective or Wartime Aircraft Activity Report is distributed, a war readiness materiel review board must be accomplished within 60 days
What type of agreement is made between two Air Force units? Intraservice agreement
What type of agreement is made between an Air Force supplier and an Army receiver? Interservice agreement
Who is responsible for requesting support, and how is the support initially requested? Receiver, in writing
What is a working capital fund designed to generate? Sufficient revenues to recover operating expenses
If an impasse relating to an entire agreement cannot be resolved at base level, then the support agreement manager and receiver send the impasse to their major commands (MAJCOM) for resolution
Major commands must notify USAF of a impasse when the impasse has been outstanding for more than 180 days
Manpower and finance personnel should provide training on reimbursable and on reimbursable support
Acquisition and Cross-servicing Agreement authorities can reduce the US "logistics tail" by allowing procurement of items from a host nation
The two principle documents within the Acquisition and Cross-serving Agreement (ACSA) program include the ACSA agreement and order/receipt form
What is an unclassified, web-based system that provides a worldwide cradle-to-grave automated means of managing Acquisition and Cross-serving Agreement transactions? ACSA Global Automated Tracking and Reporting System
Base support plans are developed for locations that are with a permanent air force presence
Expeditionary site plans are chiefly develop3ed for those locations that are without a permanent air force presence
What functional responsibility related to Base Support and Expeditionary Planning Tool manages base support plans and expeditionary site plans site reviews? Site manager
Who appoints an Installation Base Support and Expeditionary Planning Tool office of primary responsibility in writing? Wing commander
Who is responsible for ensuring base support plans and expeditionary site plans are accessible via the Air Force Portal? Major command
A personnel or material deficiency that has a critical negative impact on a unit to perform its wartime mission is a limiting factor
How many types of teams compose the expeditionary site survey process integrated site survey? 2
Created by: Wileyj11
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