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cebuano lessons 7-30

cebuano Ate Bebe

ápas mo , gi / on to catch up with, go after
hágdanan ladder
hángyò mo to ask (a favor)
hulám mo , mang to borrow
kánto corner
lúkso to jump
tán aw mo , gi / on to watch, look
tigúlang elder, old person
apó grandchild
kánta song
biyáhe trip, journey
dáwat mo , gi / on to receive
hígdà mo to lay down
kúyog mo to accompany, go with
násud country, nation
náwong face
súgat mo to meet
abót mo , mag to arrive, to catch up with
pílì mo to choose
sulát mo , mag to write
úban mo to accompany, go with
batán on young
búang crazy
lâin other, different
sígpit narrow
sulód mo to go inside
tibuók whole, complete
yútà land, earth, ground
ági mo , an to pass by
ba question marker
baláod law
súpak mo , gi / on to oppose, go against
tinápay bread
ulî mo to go home
hábol blanket, sheet
mananámbal shaman, witch doctor
sabongán cockpit
súot mo , gi / on to wear
túo mo , an to believe
úyon mo to agree
húgaw dirty
mísa mass
nángkà jackfruit
párte party
támbong mo to attend
túgyan mo to commit
buhî living
hángin air, wind
hiláw unripe, raw
hinúg ripe
kurípot stingy
línya line
lúngsod town
lúya weak
malináwon peaceful
malolóy on kind, merciful
ngít ngít dark
túl id straight
ánhi mo , an to come here
báyad mo , an to pay
bíyà mo , an to leave, abandon
gámit mo to use
kúhà mo , gi / on to get, take
lángit heaven, sky
luhód mo to kneel
maís corn
óo yes
sakyanán car
sárì sárì store, small shop
sínggit mo to scream, shout
tanúm mo , an to plant
tígum mo , gi / on to gather, collect
tsa tea
túbò mo to grow
útang debt
botíka pharmacy
daóg mo to win
háwà mo to depart, go away, to leave
ig ágaw cousin
mag uúma farmer
opisína office
pag umángkon nephew, niece
payág hut, shanty
sáad mo , i to promise
swípstek sweepstakes
túkod mo to build
bulád dried fish
dágan mo to run
dúlà mo , mag to play
atubángan front, face to face
gawás outside
kaúban companion
kawatán thief
kwíntas necklace
lubí coconut tree
párì priest
súl ob mag , i to dress, put on
tágò mo , an to hide
tindéro /a salesman, clerk
tinuóhan belief, religion
bántay mag , an to guard, watch
baybáyon beach
dalá mo , gi / on to take, bring, carry
dápit place
dyáket jacket
hulát mag , gi / on to wait
ingón mag to say, speak
mándò mag to command
paingón mo to go to, in direction of
puyô mag to live
tágbò mag to meet
támbal medicine
tinún an disciple
tuón mag to learn
alágad mag , mo to serve
ántos mag , gi / on to suffer
buluhatón work, activity
bútang thing
hímò mag , gi / on to do, make
mensáhe message
nínong godfather
pasyénte patient
puy anán dwelling place
sísta guitar
súgod mag to start, begin
bálik mo , mag to come back, return
bángkà boat w/ outriggers
barúg mag , an to stand up for
buót to want to, wish to
gústo maka to want to, like to
hinúlsol mag to repent
iyaán aunt
lúy a ginger
masakitón sick person
nínang godmother
pahíbalo mag to announce
pákyaw mag , gi / on to contract work
sakáy mag , mo to ride
sángyaw mag , gi / on to witness, to spread
talikúd mag to turn around, to abandon
tanán everyone, all
ámo boss, employer
bakús belt
búhat mag , gi / on to do, make
konsehál councilman
pangúlo leader
tag íya owner
ulitáwo bachelor, single young man
áyo gi / on to repair, fix, improve
búlan month, moon
humáy rice
maguláng older brother/sister
padalá mag to send
pahulám mag to loan
památi mag , mang to listen
pasíga mag to light, turn on
sugâ light
súgid mag , i to confess
túig year
bilás brother/sister of spouse
kinúgos godchild
mánghod younger brother/sister
suód close, intimate
tiyô /â uncle / aunt
ugángan parent in law
anáa / náa is there (near)
anía / nía is here
ása where
atúa / túa is there (far)
sílong downstairs
sulód inside, inner
sunód next
tagá origin (location)
bátong beans (long variety)
búgkot bundle
bukág basket
kaadláwon before daybreak
kabuntágon daybreak
kalág soul
sakayán boat
binígnit k.o. dessert
Búhat Acts
búlig cluster, bunch
bulináo anchovy
buóngon pomelo (citrus fruit)
ginamós salted fish
káha case
kahón carton
kalabása squash
kamóte sweet potato
kánding goat
lang only, alone
píla how many, how much
písì rope
sántol santol (fruit)
sipî cluster, hand
takús scoop
tápok pile, group
táro can (large, square variety)
Created by: gripino
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