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Bisaya Vocab 4

Vocabulary - Adjectives

Sayon Easy
Lami Delicious
Tugnaw Cold, pertaining to weather
Limpyo/ Hinlo Clean
Mahal Expensive
Halang Hot/ Peppery
Taas Tall
Init Hot
Hugaw Dirty
Daan Old
Baho Smells bad/ Stinks
Lubog Murky
Duol Near
Gahi Hard/ Tough
Tab-ang Flat taste/ Tasteless
Tin-aw Clear
Gwapo Nice (things) Handsome (male only)
Gwapa Beautiful (female only)
Daghan Plenty/ Many/ A lot
Hinay Slow
Dato Rich
Barato Cheap
Pobre Poor
Luag Loose (space/things)
Humok Soft
Tambok Fat
Mubo Short
Guot Tight (space/ things)
Nindot Nice (things)
Hinog Ripe
Pangit Ugly/ Not good
Lisud Hard/ Difficult (situation/exam)
Lig-on Durable
Nipis Thin (material)
Baga Thick
Lawom Deep
Gaan Light
Kusog Fast/ Hard
Paspas Fast/ Quick
Mabaw Shallow
Niwang Thin/Skinny
Aslum Sour
Hilaw Unripe
Bag-o New
Bug-at Heavy
Humot Smells good
Kulang Lacking
Sobra Extra
Parat Salty
Pan-os Spoil/ Stale
Gamay Small/ Few/ Little
Pait Bitter
Layo Far
Created by: jrathbun
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