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Pila ni(na) ka ___? Pila ni(na) ka bu-uk nga ___? How many this(that)___?
Unsa ni(na)? Unsa man ni(na)? What's this(that)?
Tagai ko og___, palihog Give me___ please
Unsa ni(na) nga kolora? What this(that) color?
Cebuano lang plaihog. Please speak Cebuano
Puwa Pula Red
Itom Black
Puti White
Berde Green Green
Palihug Please
Lingkuranan Chair
Salog Floor
Suga Light
Wala ko kasabot I don't understand
Mangaon ta Bon appetit Let's eat
Sakto Right now
Sunod Next Following
Magkita (nalang) ta? Will we meet at?
Gusto kong moinim(inom) o kape I'd like to drink some coffee
Kantaha Sing
Lugarlan Stop
Iskina lang! On the corner please!
Walay sapayang You are welcome
Sayaw Dance
Ikaw na pod. You are next.
Ako na pod? Am I next?
Singsing Ring
Polo Sinina Shirt
Portahan Door
Bintana Window
Padir Wall
Sad Pod Also, as well
Banabana Guess
Bana Husband
Asawa Wife
Maoba? Really? (Asking)
Diba? Isn't it? (Confirming)
Anyos Years old
Ako ___ anyos I am ___ Years old
Kini___, kini___ This___ and that___
Barko Boat
Gigutom ko. I am hungry.
Ngano man? Why?
Unya na lang Later
ugma tomorrow
Gilababy siya ___. She threw ___
Asa mang ana ang___? Which one is___?
Maong This
Init Hot
ulan rain
gihurod stuffed (eat all)
Unsa imong gibuhat? What are you doing?
magpotol chop
nalopay happy
karon now
guba broken
Guba ako laptop karon My laptop just broke
Hinay-hinay lang palihog Slowly please
Diyutay A few
gamay little
Unsay imong gisulti? What did you say?
pwede possible
Pwede ka hanyo? Can I have a discount?
Unsa na murasa? What time is it now?
Duol nalang Almost near
Unsa mayato? What's going on?
kaayo very
Unsa ang itsura aning (anang)___? Describe this (that)___
taas/tagas long
mobo short
dako big
Unsa kadak-a nang ___? How big is___?
itsura looks like
Mas mobo ang ___ kai sa sa___? Is this___shorter that that___?
Una first
ika duha tulo upat lima 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Di-ara Here you go
Tu-ara ang___ Thare's an___
Salamat sa imong tabang Thanks for your help
parehas the same
ibabaw/babaw on/above
sulod/suud in
ilalum/ilaum under/below
tapod/kilit beside
Apas lang ko I'll catch up
Seguru Maybe
Basin Maybe
Wala ko kahinumdom I dont remember
Parehas ta We're same
Created by: minibabydolls