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Conjugated Verbs Sp

Conjugated Verbs

be (temporary) estar
I am yo estoy
you are tu estas
s/he is ella esta
we are nosotros estamos
they are ellos estan
believe creer
I believe yo creo
you believe tu crees
s/he believes el/la cree
we believe nosotros creemos
they believe ellos creen
do/make hacer
I do/make yo hago
you do/make tu haces
s/he do make el/la hace
we do/make nosotros hacemos
they do/make ellos hacen
have/have got tener
I have tengo
you have tienes
s/he has el/la tiene
we have nosotros tenemos
they have ellos tienen
place / put poner
I place/put pongo
you place/put tu pones
s/he place/put el/la pone
we place/put nosotros ponemos
they place/put ellos ponen
come venir
I come yo vengo
you come tu vienes
s/he come ella viene
we came nosotros venimos
they came ellos vienen
have/be haber
I have/be he (a)
you have/be tu has
s/he has / be ella ha
we have/be nosotros hemos
they have ellos han
eat comer
I eat como
you eat tu comes
s/he eats el/la come
we eat nosotros comemos
they eat ellos comen
go ir
I go yo voy
you go tu vas
s/he go el/la va
we go nosotros vamos
they go up/climbs ellos van
be (permanent) ser
I am yo soy
you are tu eres
s/he is el/la es
we are nosotros somos
they are somos
say decir
I say digo
you say/said tu dices
s/he says el/la dice
we say nosotros decimos
they say ellos dicen
talk/speak habler
I talk/speak yo hablo
you talk/speak tu hablas
s/he talks/speaks el/la habla
we talk/speak nosotro hablamos
they talk/speak ellos hablan
finish terminar
I finish yo termino
you finish tu terminas
s/he finishes el/la termina
we finish nosotro terminamos
they finish ellos terminan
write escribir
I write yo escribo
you write tu escribes
s/he writes el/la escribe
we write nosotros escribimos
they write ellos ecriben
go up/climb subir
I go up/climb yo subo
you go up/climb tu subes
s/he goes up/climbs el/la sube
we go up/climbs nosotros subimos
they go up/climbs ellos suben
sell vender
I sell yo vendo
you sell tu vendes
s/he sells el/la vende
we sell nosotros vendemos
they sell ellos venden
run correr
I run yo corro
you run tu corres
s/he ran el/la corre
we run nosotros corremos
they run ellos corren
sing cantar
I sing canto
you sing tu cantas
s/he sangs el/la canta
we sang nosotros cantamos
they sing ellos cantan
live vivir
I live yo vivo
you live tu vives
s/he lives el/la vive
we live nosotros vivimos
they live ellos vivan
read leer
I read leo
you read tu lees
s/he reads el/la lee
we read nosotros leemos
they read ellos leen
want querer
I want yo quiero
you want tu quieres
s/he wants el/la quiere
we want nosotros queremos
they want ellos quieren
listen escuchar
I listen yo escucho
you listen tu escuchas
s/he listen el/la escucha
we listen nosotros escuchamos
they listen ellos escuchan
learn aprender
I learn yo aprendo
you learn tu aprendas
s/he learns el/la aprenda
we learn nosotros aprendemos
they learn ellos aprenden
to know saber
I know se
you know tu sabes
s/he knows el/la sabe
we know nosotros sabemos
they know ellos saben
take tomar
I take tomo
you take tu tomas
s/he takes el/la toma
we take nosotros tomamos
they take ellos toman
ask preguntar
I ask
you ask tu preguntas
s/he asks el/la pregunta
we ask nosotros preguntamos
they ask ellos preguntan
give dar
I give yo doy
you give tu das
s/he gave el/la da
we give nosotros damos
they give ellos dan
close cerrar
I close cierro
you close tu cierras
s/he closes el/la cierra
we close nosotros cerramos
they close ellos cierran
find encontrar
I find yo encuentro
you find tu encuentras
s/he finds el/la encuentra
we find nosotros encontramos
they find ellos encuentran
to take to / wear llevar
I to take to / wear yo llevo
you to take to/wear tu llevas
s/he to take to / wear el/la lleva
we to take to / wear nosotros llevamos
they to take to / wear ellos llevan
need necesitar
I need yo necesito
you need tu necesitas
s/he needs el/la necesita
we need nosotros necesitamos
they need ellos necesitan
forget olvidar
I forgot yo olvido
you forgot tu olvidas
s/he forgot el/la olvida
we forgot nosotros olidamos
they forgot ellos olvidan
to pay pagar
I pay yo pago
you pay tu pagas
s/he pays el/la paga
we pay nosotros pagamos
they pay ellos pagan
to think pensar
I think yo pienso
you think tu piensas
s/he thinks el/la piensa
we think nosotros pensamos
they think ellos piensan
can/ to be able to poder
I can / I am able to yo puedo
you can / you are able to tu puedes
s/he can / s/he is able to el/la puede
we can / we are able to nosotros podemos
they can / they are able to ellos pueden
to bring traer
I bring yo traigo
you bring tu traes
s/he brings el/la trae
we bring nosotros traemos
they bring ellos traen
to buy comprar
I buy yo compro
you buy tu compras
s/he buys el/la compra
we buy nosotros compramos
they buy ellos compran
Created by: scanipe
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