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Bisaya Study Cards

Words, Phrases, and Conversational Sentences.

Oo Yes
dili No
ako I
ikaw You
siya He, She, It
kita We
kamo You
sila They
nako Me
nimo You
kami We
kanako Me
kanimo You
niya Him, Her, It
kaniya Him, Her, It
nato Us
kanato Us
namo Us
kanamo Us
ninyo You
kaninyo You
nila Them
kanila Them
ako My, Mine
ako'a My, Mine
imo Your, Yours
imoha Your, Yours
iya His, Hers, Its
iyaha His, Hers, Its
ato Our, Ours
ato'a Our, Ours
amo Our, Ours
amo'a Our, Ours
inyo Your, Yours
inyoha Your, Yours
ila Their, Theirs
iliaha Their, Theirs
Lunes Monday
Martes Tuesday
Myerkoles Wednesday
Miyerkoles Wednesday
Hwebes Thursday
Huwebes Thursday
Byernes Friday
Biyernes Friday
Sabado Saturday
Dominggo Sunday
Domingo Sunday
Enero January
Pebrero February
Marso March
Abril April
Mayo May
Hunyo June
Hulyo July
August Agosto
Septyembre September
Oktubre October
Nobyembre November
Disyembre December
Mga Bulan Sa Tuig Months Of The Year
Mga Adlaw Sa Semana Days Of The Week
Panahon Seasons
Tingpamulak Spring
Tingpamuswak Spring
Ting'init Summer
Tinghulaw Summer
Tingdagdag Autumn
Sa mga dahon Autumn
Tigtugnaw Winter
Kinaiyahan Nature
Adlaw Sun
Bulan Moon
Buwan Moon
Hangin Air
Bitoon Star
Gabon Cloud
Panganod Cloud
Hulaw Drought
Kauga Drought
Kamala Drought
Yuta Earth
Kalibutan Earth
Linog Earthquake
bakunawa eclipse
eklipse eclipse
pagdulum eclipse
baha flood
Lunup flood
urakan hurricane
dako'ng bagyo hurricane
kilat lightning
liti lightning
lipak lightning
bulalakaw meteor
planeta planet
ulan rain
uwan rain
balangaw rainbow
bangaw rainbow
talithi shower
talisik shower
taligsik shower
langit sky
nyebe snow
ulan og nyebe snow
bagyo storm/typhoon
unus-alimpulos tornado
unus-buhawi tornado
hangin wind
alimpulos whirlwind
lilo whirlpool
Wala zero
usa one
uno one
duha two
dos two
tulo three
tres three
upat four
kwatro four
lima five
singko five
unom six
sais six
pito seven
syete seven
walo eight
otso eight
siyam nine
nuebe nine
nuybe nine
nwebe nine
napulo ten
pulo ten
dyes ten
Created by: j_rodrowley
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