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Bisaya Vocab 8

Vocabulary - Food and Drink

Baguio bins String beans
Saging Banana
Bulig sa saging Bunch of Banana
Sipi sa saging Handful of Banana
Mansanas Apple
Atis Sugar Apple
Bugkot Bundle
Balingbing Starfruit
Puso ng Saging Banana Flower
Gatas Milk
Abridor Can opener
Ka wa wok
Ahos Garlic
Dahon ng sibuyas Green onions
Sibuyas Onion
Nangka Jackfruit
Pinya Pineapple
Kangkong Swamp cabbage
Mangga Mango
Manggostin Mangosteen
Kapayas Papaya
Kamatis Tomato
Luya Ginger
pakwan Watermelon
Abukado Avacado
Talong Eggplant
Atsal Bell pepper
Sili Small chili pepper
Ampalaya Bitter Gourd
Orins Orange
Kutsara Spoon
Tinidor Fork
Yahong Bowl
Kutsilyo Knife
Platito Saucer
Plato Plate
Kalabasa Squash
Batong Long string beans
Guyabano Soursop
Durian Durian
Harina Flour
Bugas Uncooked Rice
Kanon Cooked Rice
Itlog Egg
Mais Corn
Baso Glass
Tasa Cup/mug
Takuri Kettle
Kaldero Rice pot
Tadtaran Cutting board
Pan Bread
Tubig Water
Created by: jrathbun
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