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Reproductive System

anything dealing with the Reproductive System

What is the baby called for the first 8 weeks of the pregnancy? embryo
What is an abortion abortion is when the mother plans to have the baby aborted
What is spontaneous abortion? When the abortion is not planned often call a miscarriage.
What is the medical term for menstrual cramping? Dysmenorrhea
What is 'abruptio placenta'? The placenta tears away from the wall prior to delivery
What is another term for a benign tumor in the uterus? Fibry
What is the area between the urethra and the anal opening called? perineum
What is multipara multiple births
What is multigravida multiple pregnancey
What is the beginning of menstruation called? menarche
What is the end of menstruation called? menopause
What is the length of time during a pregnancy called? gestation
What is a sac of fluid in the testes called? hydrocele
What is the main difference between the urethra in a male and the urethra in a female? Males also use the urethra for sperm
What is an inflammation of the glans penis called? Balanitis
What is it called when the testes do not descend into the scrotal sac? Cryptorchidism
What is castration the removal of the testicles or overies
What is sterilization the process fo rendering a male or felmale unable to conceive children
centesis punture to with draw fluids
colp/o vagina
mast/o breast
oophor/o ovary
orch/o testes
PSA prostate specific antigen
Created by: Seanmorrone