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Mod 3 Med Terms

Med Terms Ch. 1, 4, 8

-algia pain, painful condition
dys- bad, difficult, painful
-ectomy surgical removal, cutting out, excision
hyper- excessive, increased
-itis inflammation
-osis abnormal condition, disease
-ostomy surgical creation of artificial opening
-otomy cutting, surgical incision
-plasty surgical repair
-rraphy surgical suturing
-ia abnormal condition, disease
-megaly enlargement
a- without, loss of, absence
-graphy process of producing a picture or record
myorraphy surgical suturing of a muscle
-cele hernia, tumor, swelling
fasci / o fascia, fibrous band
fibr / o fibrous tissue, fiber
bi- twice, double, two
dys- bad, difficult
my / o muscle
ten / o tendon, stretch out, extend, strain
abduction movement (of a limb) AWAY from the midline
pronation palm of hand / sole of foot turned downward
dorsiflexion movement that bends foot upward at ankle
adduction movement (of a limb) TOWARD the midline
circumduction circular movement
kines / o movement
kinesi / o movement
myoclonus sudden, involuntary jerking of a muscle
tenolysis the release of a tendon from adhesions
ataxia inability to coordinate muscle activity
tenodysis surgical suturing of end of tendon to bone
paralysis loss of sensation
dystonia abnormal muscle tone
bradykinesia extreme slowness in movement
hyperkinesia increased muscle movement or activity
hypotonia diminished muscle tone of skeletal muscles
dyskinesia distortion of voluntary movement
singultus hiccups
DTR -deep tendon reflexes -tested with a reflex hammer
EMG -Electromyography -diagnostic test that measures electrical activity within nerve fibers in response to nerve stimulation
ROM range of motion
-plegia paralysis
tax / o coordination
brady- slow
epi- above, on
-lysis separation, break-down
ab- away from
ad- toward
duct- to lead
-ion action
clon violent action
-desis to tie together
condyl round part of bone
epicondylitis inflammation of tissues around elbow
cachexia condition of physical wasting away
cholangitis acute inflammation of the bile duct
cholecystectomy surgical removal of the gall bladder
cholecystitis inflammation of the gall bladder
cholelithiasis presence of gall stones
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
enteritis inflammation of the small intestine
GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease
hepatomegaly enlargement of the liver
hematemesis vomiting blood
hyperemesis excessive vomiting
volvulus twisting of intestine
gastroenterologist Dr. who specializes in stomach and small intestine
gastroenteritis inflammation of the stomach and small intestine
dystonia abnormal muscle tone
cholecyst gall bladder
cholangitis acute infection of the bile duct
chol / e word root - bile / gall
-ia abnormal condition
cholang wood root - bile duct
cholecystectomy surgical removal of the gall bladder
cachexia condition of physical wasting away
cholecystitis inflammation of gall bladder
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