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Chapters 6-8

How are joints classified Movability and the materials binding them together
What are the 6 types of synovial joints Ball and socket, Gliding, condyloid, saddle, hinge, pivot
Movement of synovial joints depends on? Shape of the joint, and involvement of nearby muscles, tendons, and ligaments
What is the name of the shoulder joint Humeroscapular joint
Name of the elbow joint Humeroulnar joint
Name of the knee joint Tibiofemoral joint
How many bones in the human body 206
What are the cartilage pads of the knee Meniscus... Medial and lateral
Where do you find condyloid joints Wrist
Where do you find Gliding joints Feet, ankles, vertebrae, carples and tarsles
What is the most complicated joint of the body Knee
What joint is most likely joint to displace Shoulder... Humeroscapular joint
2 divisions of the skeleton Axial and appendicular
In what bone do you find the foramen magnum Occipital
Name of the joint of the cranium Temporomandibular joint
What are the landmarks of the temporal bone Temporomandibular joint, styloid process, zygomatic arch, mastoid process
What bone of the skull is moth shaped Sphenoid
What is the landmark of the sphenoid bone Sella turcica
What important function does the sella turcica perform Protects the pituitary gland
What are the four pairs of paranasal sinuses Sphenoid, frontal, maxillary, ethmoid
What are the smallest bones of the body...names Malleus, Stapes, Incus. They are also called ossicles
What is the function of the hyoid bone Protects larynx, attachment point for the muscles of the tongue
How many vertebral attachment points are there 33
Name the cervical vertebrae C1-C7
Name the thoracic vertebrae T1-T12
Name the lumbar vertebrae L1-L5
Exaggerated thoracic curve Kyphosis
Exaggerated lumbar curve Lordosis
Lateral curvature of the spine Scoliosis
What is the purpose of the vertebral foramen Allows for passage of the spinal cord
What is the weight bearing portion of the vertebrae Body
What part of the vertebrae serves as a point of muscle attachment Spinous process
What is a herniated disk A crack in the fibrocartilage of the vertebral disk
What is the landmark we palpate for in cpr Xiphoid process
What is the superior bone fused to the sternum Manubruim
How many pairs of ribs... How many are true.. False.. And floating 12 total..7 are directly starched to the sternum and are called true ribs...3 are false and start at the 8th rib attached to cartilage.. Two are floating ribs number 11&12
What is the triangle of space at the base of the ribs Costal margin
What are two possibilities that could cause an increased Angle of the costal margin Respiratory disorders, pregnancy
What are the 3 landmarks of the scapula Acromion process, coracoid process, and the glenoid cavity
What two landmarks make the elbow The olcranian fossa and olcranian process
What is the landmark of the ilium Iliac crest
What is the inferior and atrerior portion of the ilium called Pubis
What is the posterior and inferior portion of the ilium Ischium
What is the depression that holds the head of the femur Acetabulum
I'm the part of the pelvic girdle you sit on Ischial Tuberosity
What is the name of the hole threw which the femoral artery goes threw Obturator foramen
Largest bone of the body Femur
Largest tendon Achilles tendon
Where do you find epicondyles Knee
Where is the greater trochanter... Why do we use it Located on the femur... Used as a landmark for IM injections
Where do most hip breaks occure Neck of the femur
What is the purpose of epichondyle Attachment for ligaments
Where do you find the malleolus Medial and lateral sides of the ankles
What is the name of the epithelial tissue that lines the medullary cavity Endostrium
What is the hollow cavityin the diaphysis of the bone Medullary cavity
Where does bone growth occure Epiphyseal plate
What is hematopoiesis The making of Red blood cells
Name a sesamoid bone Patella
What bones are irregular Facial and vertebrae
Flat bones include Frontal bone, sternum, ribs
What bones are short bones Wrist/ankle
What classification of bone is the femur Long
What are the 2 types of bone tissue Compact, spongy
What gives spongy bone its lattis work pattern Trabeculae
What is a functional unit of bone tissue Osteon
Haversion canal Verticle canal for vessels that run threw bone
Volkmans canal Horizontal vessel canal that connects the haversion canals
What is the process of changing cartilage to bone Ossification
Intramembranious ossification Stem cells differentiate into osteoblasts
When a woman is about three months along what process is taking place in her fetuses long bones Endochondrial ossification
What type of ossification has taken place in the skull when the fontanels harden Intramembranous
What is the purpose of fontanels Allow the baby to pass threw the birth canal, allows for growth
What is a mature osteoblast Osteocyte
Where does diffusion of calcium and phosphorus tale place in the bone Diaphysis
Kind of fracture most likely to require surgery Spiral
Incomplete fracture Greenstick
Bone comes out of the skin Compound
Clean tissue disruption Simple
Types of muscle smooth, cardiac, and skeletal
what kind of muscle would you find in the digestive tract smooth
what kind of muscle causes movement of body appendages skeletal
name of a single muscle cell muscle fiber
what is the delecate connective tissue that covers each muscle fiber endomysium
what is a group of muscle fibers covered in endomysium called fascicles
what is the covering around a fascicle perimysium
surrounds the muscle as a whole epimysium
what is the selectively permeable membrane of a muscle fiber sarcolemma
gell of the muscle cell sarcoplasm
calcium ions are stored here sarcoplasmic reticulum
thick myofilaments myosin
thin myofilaments actin
what energy molecule must be present for a contraction of a muscle fiber to occure ATP
how do muscles move by contraction
motor neuron nerve of muscle
what is the space between the motor neuron and the muscle neuromuscular junction
what is the neurotransmitter being used in muscle contraction AcH
what starts the chain of events in the sarcoplasmic reticulum AcH
not fully flexed muscle tone
what is responsible for posture standing and holding up your head muscle tone
what does the strength of the contraction depend on the number of muscle fibers involved
motor unit consists of one neuron and all the fibers it stimulates
what needs to happen for a contraction to be effective fibers contract at the same time and for the same length of time
muscles can contract at different strengths depending on what the amount of work needing to be done
what are two types of muscle contraction isotonic and isometric
what kind of contraction is lifting a bar bell Isotonic
what kind of contraction is like a resistance exercise Isometric
the main muscle triggering the movement is prime mover
what is the end of the muscle attached to a bone with less mobility called origin
end of the muscle that is attatched to a freely movable bone insertion
synergists muscle that assists the prime mover
antagonist the muscle that does the opposite movement as the prime mover
muscles are named according to what 5 things size, shape, location and number of origins, direction of muscle fibers,action
what muscle raises your eyebrows frontalis
what muscles are sphincter muscles of the face orbicularis oculi and orbicularis oris
opens and shuts eye orbicularis oculi
controls lips orbicularis oris
what muscle closes your jaw masseter
muscle that flexes head in a bow your head movement sternocleidomastoid
trapezius extends head...look up
intercostals muscles that lie between the ribs and assist in breathing in and out
enlarges the thorax to trigger inspiration diaphragm
what two muscles do you use to make the twisting motion of the trunk... internal and external oblique
what two muscles work together for the bending or leaning foreword movement rectus and transversus abdominus
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