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Health Ch. 2

Health Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Action Plan A multi-step strategy for identifying and achieving goals.
Refusal Skills Techniques that help you when you are urged to take part in unsafe or unhealthful behaviors.
Stress The body's and mind's reaction to everyday demands.
Goal Can take months or even years to achieve
relaxing Listening to soothing music or taking a warm bath.
Self esteem Confidence and worth that you feel about yourself.
What is a long term goal? Take a longer period-sometimes months or even year to achieve.
What is a short term goal? Can be achieved fairly eaisly in shorter periods of time.
Give examples of health skills Social HealthCommunication SkillsRefusal SkillsMental and Emotional Health SkillsTotal health skills
The skill of communicating includes? Clearly saying what you mean, pay attention to how you say something, be a good listener, be aware of your facial expressions and gestures.
Identify the questions asked in each step of the decision making model. 1. State the situation2. List the possible options 3. Weigh the possible outcomes4. Consider your values 5. Make a decision and take action6. Evaluate your decision
Examining the message you send yourself refers to what? Stateing the situatuon
Created by: libertysoccer23