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Medical Coding

Chapters 2,11,12

Taking of x-ray films of vessels after injection of a contrast material would include? Angiography AND Nuclear Medicine.
Pathology and Laboratory subsections include: (1) Organ or disease panels (2) Drug Testing (3) Evocative/Suppression Testing (4) Consultation (Clinical Pathology) (5) Chemistry.
Two dimensional display of both the structures and the motion of tissues and organs, including the length of time would include the following? (a) MRI (b) Real time (c) M-Mode ? Real Time
Ultrasound procedure of an internal organ would include which of the following (a) Dudenography (b) Echography (c) Fluroscopy ? Echography
What terms would apply or pertain to the Back (a) Dorsal (b) Supine (c) Posterior (d) Superior ? Dorsal and Posterior
Medical Decision Making is made up of the following element(s): (a) Amount/Complexity of data reviewed, (b) Risk of complications or Death if left untreated, (c) Number of diagnoses or management options, (d) Whether they are new or established patients ? Amount/complexity of data reviewed AND Risk of complications or Death if condition goes untreated AND Number of diagnoses or management options.
What is the branch of medicine concerned with the application of radiation to a tumor site for treatment of cancerous tumors? Radiation oncology
Horizontal is also known as: Transverse
What is the technique using sound waves to determine the density of the outline of tissue? Ultrasound
Measuring the presence or absence of something in a lab specimen is what kind of analysis? Qualitative
What is the absorption of a radioactive substance by body tissues called? Uptake
Short Answer: List the four Radiology Subsections: (1) Diagnostic Radiology (2) Diagnostic Ultrasound (3) Radiation Oncology (4) Nuclear Medicine
Short Answer: DefineMRI Magnetic resonance imaging
Short Answer: DefineCT Computer Axial Tomography
Short Answer: DefinePFSH Past, Family, and/or Social History
Short Answer: DefineCC Chief Complaint
Short Answer: DefineROS Review of Systems
Short Answer: DefineHPI History of Present Illness
Matching:(Blank) a patient formally admitted to a health care facility. Inpatient
Matching:(Blank) a patient who has not received professional services from the physician or another physician of the same practise within the past three years. New Patient
Matching:(Blank) Culture codes for identification of organisms as well as the identification of sensitivites of the organism to antibiotics are found in this P/L subsection. Microbiology
Matching:(Blank) Measuring the presence or absence of and the amount of a substance. Quantiative
Matching:(Blank) (Blank) (Blank) (Blank) are the four levels of history. Problem focused, Expanded problem focused, Detailed and Comprehensive
Matching:(Blank) are urinalysis codes done on urine only. Nonspecific Tests
Matching:(Blank) are chemistry codes done on material from urine, blood, breath, feces or sputum. Specific Tests
Matching:(Blank) a sample of tissue or fluid. Specimen
Matching:(Blank) one dimensional display of movement of structures. M-Mode
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