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Coding Final Review

HPI must be documented in the medical record by: The Physician/Provider.Remember the HPI (History of Present Illness) can be coded from the E/M Section.
The request for advice or opinion from one physician to another physician is this type of service: Consultation.
What are the divisions of the Surgery Section based on? Anatomical sites.
The surgical package includes: (1) All routine preoperative, procedure/operative and post operative care.(2) Usual complications requiring a return to the operating room within the global period.(3) Local anesthesia.
Following surgery to repair a sliding inguinal hernia, the patient is turned over to his primary care physician for all follow-up care. Which would be the correct code (Modifier) for that follow-up care? 49525-55 Specifically Modifier 55.
Modifier 47 is used for anesthesia services performed under difficult circumstances? False
When a surgery section code has a triangle next to it, the code descriptor is a? Revised Code
CPT means Current Coding Procedure and Terms? False (Current Procedural Terminology)
B+T+M= The Total Units
Modifiers do what? (1) Provide additional information to third party payers (2) Modify the CPT Code and thereby provide further specificty (3) May be two numbers, two letters, or a letter and a number (4) Are tacked on to the basic five digit CPT code.
Unlisted CPT codes are found where? In the Guidelines.
Deleted codes are found by what symbol? With-in parentheses and > <
Global components are what? The combination of the the Professional and Technical components.
RVG is an abbreviation for what? Relative Value Guide
MDM is an abbreviation for what? Medical Decision Making.
E/M is an abbreviation for what? Evaluation and Managment.
B+T+M is an abbreviation for what? Basic units + Time Units + Modifying Units.
Define Unbundling Assigning multiple CPT codes when ONE CPT code would fully describe the service or procedure.
What is the Global Surgery Period? The period of time following each surgery that is included in the surgery package. It is established by the third party payer and can be referred to as the post-operative surgery period. The global period is usually up to 90 days.
What is Coordination of Care? Coordination of Care is arranging for other health care providers or agencies that may be necessary for the cae of a patient. The PCP usually does this job.
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