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Medical Terminology

Roots & combining forms: indicates body parts involved

Myo Muscle
Nephro Kidney
Neuro Nerve
Osteo Bone
Phlebo Vein
Pyo Pus
Pneumo Lungs, air
Reno Kidney
Vasco Blood Vessel
Broncho Bronchus
Cardi Heart
Cerebro Brain
Chole Gallbladder, bile
Colo Large Intestine, Colon
Cranio Cranium, skull
Cysto Bladder, Cysts, Sac
Dermo Skin
Arterio Artery
Haemo Blood
Hemato Blood
Osteo Bone
Cyto Cell
Thoraco Thorax (Chest)
Oto Ear
Ophthalmo Eye
Cephalo Head
Entero Small Intestine
Arthro Joint
Hepato Liver
Stomato Mouth
Rhino Nose
Cranio Skull
Gastro Stomach
Glosso Tongue
Hysteron Uterus
Angio Vessel
Salpingo Fallopian, Urinary Tube
Vas Duct/Blood Vessel
Costo Rib
Cervico Neck, Uterine Cervix
Aur Ear
Capillo Capillaries
Veno Veins
Aorto Aorta
Laryngo Larynx (Voice Box, Adams Apple)
Pharyngo Pharynx (throat)
Pleuo Pleura
Pulmo Lungs
Tracheo Trachea (throat)
musculo Muscles
Fascio Fascia
Teno Tendons
Oro Mouth
Oesophago Oesphagus
Ano Rectum, Anus
Pancreato Pancreas
Procto Rectum, Anus
Recto Rectum, Anus
Encephalo Brain
Myelo Spinal Cord, Bone Marrow, Medulla Oblongata
Meningo Meninges
Pyelo Renal Pelvis
Uro Urine
Urino Urine
Ureterso Ureters
Urethro Urethra
Prostato Prostate
Adreno Adrenal Glands
Gonado Gonads, Ovaries
Pinealo Pineal Gland
Parathyroido Parathyrold Glands
Pituito Pituitary Gland
Thymo Thymus
Somato Body
Lympho Lymph
Cutaneo Skin
Sebo Sebaceous Glands
Hidro Sweat Glands
Pilo Hair
Onycho Nails
Unguo Nails
Lipo Lipids, fat
Pediculo Lice
Urtico Itchy Skin
Kerato Keratin
Hirsuto Excess hair growth
Occulo Eyes
Irido Iris
Optico Eyes
Occulo Eyes
Irito Iris
Phaco Lens
Retino Retina
Gingiva Gums
Bucco Cheek
Bucca Cheek
Odonto Teeth
Dento Teeth
Concha Nose
Olfacto Smell
Osmo Smell
Noci Pain Receptors
Gusto Taste
Linguo Tongue
Oophoro Ovaries
Orchido Testes
Metro Uterus
Masto Breast
Mammo Breast
Osmo Smell, Osmosis
Acousto Hearing
Pinni Outer Ear
Tympano Middle Ear
Miringo Middle Ear
Labyrintho Inner Ear
Cochle Inner Ear
Blepharo Eyelid
Kerato Cornea
Lymphangio Lymph Vessels and Ducts
Lymphadeno Lymph Nodes
Tonsilo Tonsils
Adenoido Adenoids
Spleno Spleen
Immuno Immune System
Lymphocyto Lymphocytes
Carcino Cancer
Onco Process of cancer formation
Phago Eating
Sarco Cancer of supportive tissue
Phallo Penis
Placento Placenta
Colpo Vagine
Vagino Vagina
Ovario Ovaries
Meno Menstruation
Gynaeco Woman
Glyco Sugar
Somno Sleep
Synovio Synovial Membrane
Costo Ribs
Spondylo Vertebrae
Glomerulo Glomerulus
Litho Stone
Ankylo Stiffening in joints, Bent
Scolio Posterior Curvature
Lordo Lateral Curvature
Kypho Hump, Convex prominence
Histo Tissue
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