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Bradley Joseph 4

human Anatomy prefixes and surffixe list (M to Z)

macro- large, great
mal- bad, abnormal, disorder
-malacia soft, softening - encephalomalacia, osteomalacia
mamm(o) breast- mammary gland mammogram, mammography
mast(o) breast-mammary gland mastectomy, mastocytoma
melan(o)- black color, dark pigment-melanoma, melanocyte
medi- middle
mega- great, large
megalo) large, enlarged - megalomania, megalocephaly
-megaly enlargement - cardiomegaly, acromegaly
men(o)- menstruation, menses- menopause, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia
mening(o) meninges, membranes- meningitis, meningococcus
mero- part
meso- middle or moderate
meta- after, beyond, in succession to-metacarpus, metastasis, metatarsals
-meter- measure, instrument to measure or count- cytometer, cephalometer
-metry process of measuring or counting- audiometry, pelvimetry
micro- small-microbiology
mito- thread
mono- alone, one, single
morph- form, shape-metamorphic
multi- many, much - multifunctional, multilateral
musculo- muscle
myel- muscle
my(o)- muscle-myocardial, myalgia, myofibroma,
myc(o) fungus, fungi-mycosis, mycelium, dermatomycosis
myel(o) bone marrow, spinal cord-myelopathy, myelocele, myeloma
narc- numness, stupor
nas(o) nose nasal-nasosinusitis, nasotracheal
necro- corpse, dead
neo- new
nephr(0) kidney-nephropexy, nephrolysis
neur(o)- nerve-neurosurgery, neurolysis, neurotransmitter
non- not- nonsteroidal, nonallergic, nontoxic
normo- normal
noto- back -notochord
ob- against, toward, in front of
oc- against
ocul(o)- pertaining to the eye -ocular
odont(o)- pertaining to the teeth
-oid resembling, likeness
-ole small
oligo- few, small
-oma tumor, abnormal growth- carcinoma, osteosarcoma
Onc(o) tumor-oncology, oncogenic
onych(o)- pertaining to the nail of a finger or toe
oo- egg
oophor(o) woman's ovary - oophorectomy, oophoroma
-opia vision-myopia, presbyopia, nyctalopia, diplopia
Opthalm(o)- eye - ophthalmology, ophthalmoscope
or- mouth
orch(o)- testis, testicle-cryptorchidism, orchiectomy
ortho- straight, normal, correct
-ory pertaining to
-ose full of
osseo- boney
ossi- bone
-osis state of having or being (abnormal condition)
ost- bone
oste(o)- bone-osteoporosis, osteoarthritis
-ostomy opening
Ot(o)- ear-otic, otalgia, otorrhea
ovo- egg
par- give birth to, bear
para- near, beyond, beside, abnormal-paramedic, paracystitis, parathyroid
-pathy- disease, that which undergoes sickness-myopathy, osteopathy
ped- children
ped-,-pes-ped- foot
pelv(o),pelv(i) pelvis-pelviscope, pelvic
pen- need, lack
-penia deficiency, absence, low number-eosinopenia, thrombocytopenia
peps(o) digestion-peptic, pepsin
-pepsia digestion- dyspepsia, eupepsia
per- through
peri- near, around, surrounding-pericardium, periodontal
-pexy fixation-hysteropexy, orchiopexy, gastropexy
Phag(o)- to eat,swallow-phagolysis, phagedena, phagocyte
-phagia eat, swallow-dysphagia, onychophagia, aerophagia
pharyng(o)- pharynx,throat-pharyngomycosis, pharyngoplegia
-phil have an affinity for
phleb(o)- vein-phlebotomy, phlebosclerosis
-phobia abnormal fear,dread-hydrophobia, necrophobia
physi(o) body function -physiology, physiopathology
phren(i),phren- diaphragm
-plasia development, formation- myelodysplasia, hyperplasia
-plasma fluid
-plasty reconstruction of, surgical repair-arthroplasty, osteoplasty
-plegia paralysis - paraplegia, diplegia
platy- flat,side
-plegia stroke, paralysis
-phea, -pnea respiration, breathing - apnea, hyperpnea, orthopnea
pleur(o)-, pleure(a)- pertaining to ribs
-pnea to breath - apnea, hyperpnea, orthopnea
pneumo- lung, air, breath - pneumococcal, pneumothorax, pneumatic
pneumon(o) lung - pneumonia, pneumonocentesis
pod(o)- foot - podiatrist, podiatric, podalic, podagra
-poiesis formation of
polio- grey
poly- many,much -polyuria, polycystic, polyarthritis
post- after, behind - postnatal, postpartum, postoperative
poster(i), poster(o) back, beind- posterior, posterolateral
pre- before in time or place, in front of
presby(o)- old age - presbyopia, presbycusis, presbyope
pro- before in time or place, early, giving rise to
proct- anus,rectum -proctoscopy, proctology
pseudo- false-pseudopodia
psych(o) mind, mental- psychotropic, psychotherapy
pulmon(o) lung-pulmonary, pulmonectomy
py(o) pus - pyorrhea, pyogenic, pyemia, empyema
pyel(o) pelvis of kidney, renal pelvis - pyelonephritis, pyelitis, pyeloplasty
pyro-,pyro- fire,heat,fever - pyrogen, pyretic, pyrosis, pyrolysis
quad- fourfold
radi(o) x-ray-radiology, radiograph
re- back, again
rect- straight
ren(o) kidney - renogram, renal
rete- network
retro- behind, backward, in back of - retrocolic, retromammary, retroversion
rhin(o) nose - rhinolith, rhinorrhea, rhinoplasty
-rrhagia hemorrhage, excessive discharge- enterorrhagia, metrorrhagia
-rrhea, -rrhoea flow, discharge -diarrhea, leukorrhea
salping(o)- pertaining to the fallopian tubes, uterine tube -salpingostomy, salpingectomy
sanguin- blood
sarc- flesh, muscle
schiz(o)- denoting something 'split' or 'double-sided'
scler(o) hard, hardening - atherosclerosis, corneoscleral
-scope instrument used to exam or look - microscope, arthroscope
-scopy process of examining arthroscopy - colposcopy, endoscopy
semi- half, partly, partially - semiconscious, semicomatose, semicircular
-sect cut –bisect,intersect
sinistr(o)- left, left side
-sis process or action
somat(o)-, somatico- body, bodily
-some body
spondyl(o) spine, vertebra, vertebrae - spondylosis, spondylopathy, spondylolysis
stomat(o) mouth - stomatitis, stomatoscope
sperma-, spermo-, spermato- semen - spermatozoa
spleen(o)- spleen
steno- narrow
-stomy surgical opening
sub- under, below - sublingual, subcutaneous, subcostal
super- above, beyond, upper, greater -supersonic
supra- above, over, at the top of - supraspinal, suprapubic, suprarenal
syn-(sym-) together, with, joined, fused- synergistic, syndrome, synarthrosis
syphil(o) syphilis - syphiloma, syphiloderm
tachy- fast, rapid, accelerated - tachycardia, tachypnea
tele- far
tens- stretch
tetra- four
thorac(o) chest, thorax - thoracotomy, thoracoplasty
thromb(o) blood clot - thrombosis, thrombogenic
thyr(o) thyroid - thyroxine, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism
-tomy incision, incise, to cut into - gastrotomy, duodenotomy
-tonic tones (pressure)
tono- tone, pressure
tox-, toxi-, toxo- poison -toxin, toxic, toxicology, toxicity
trache(o)- trachea
trans- across, over, through- transfusion, transthoracic, transurethral
tri- three
trich- hair
-trope to turn
-trophe nourishment
-trophy development, growth, relating to nutrition -dystrophy, hypotrophy
tympan(o)- eardrum
-ule, -ulus small
ultra- beyond, uni-
urethr(o) urethra -urethrorrhaphy, urethrotomy
-uria urine - glucosuria, nocturia, albuminuria
uro- urine, urinary organs or tract
vagin- pertaining to the vagina
vas(o) vessel, - vas deferens, vasospasm, vasectomy, vasodilator
ven(o) vein - venipuncture, venous, venopressor
ventr(o)- pertaining to the belly, stomach
viscer- organ, pertaining to the internal organs, the viscera
vit- life
zoo- animal
zygo- union
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