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Bradley Joseph 3

human Anatomy prefixes and surffixe list (G to M)

gastr(o) stomach - gastrostomy, gastrointestinal
ger(o) old age - geriatric, gerontology, geratology
-gen an agent that produces or orginiates
-genic produced from, producing
gingiv(o) gum, gums - gingivitis, gingivoplasty
gloss(o) tongue glossal - hypoglossal, glossopathy
gluc(o) sugar glucose - glucogenesis, glucolipid
glyc(o) sugar, sweet - hyperglycemia, glycosuria, glycogen
-gram picture, graph, a record, recording -encephalogram, cholecystogram
-gran grain, particle
-graph recording instrument - electrocardiograph, craniograph
-graphy process of making an image - echocardiography, tomography
gravi- heavy
gyn- female sex
gynec(o) woman, female - gynecology, gynecologist
haplo- simple or single (half) - haploid
hem(o), hemat(o) blood - hemorrhage, hemostasis, hematemesis
hemi- half- hemiplegia, hemianalgesia, hemicrania
hepat(o) liver - hepatitis, hepatotoxic, hepatomegaly
hetero- other, different – heterosexual
hidr(o) sweat, sweat glands - hidradenoma, hidrosis, hidradenitis
hist(o) web, tissue - histogenesis, histamine
holo- whole, entire - hologram
homo- same, alike - homogenized, homothermal, homogeneous
hydr- water - hydration, dehydration
hydro- water - hydrocephalus, hydronephrosis
hyper- excessive, high, above, upward - hypertension, hyperglycemia
hypo- deficient, low, below, down, under - hypoallergenic, hypocalcemia, hypodermic
hyster(o) uterus - hysterotomy, hysteroscopy, hysterectomy
-ia abnormal state or condition
-iatrics medical specialties
-iasis condition of disease - trichomoniasis, giardiasis, amebiasis
idio- self, separate
ilio- ilium
immun(o) immune -immunodeficiency, immunization
infra- below, beneath - inframammary, infracardiac, infrasonic
inter- between, among - intercellular, intercerebral
intra- within, inside - intravenous, intramuscular, intradermal
-ion process
-ism condition or state
iso- equal, same - isotonic, isometric, isomorphic
-it is inflammation - colitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, laryngitis
labi- lip
lacri- tears
later- side
kerat(o) cornea - keratotomy, keratoplasty, keratocele
lact(o) milk - lactose, lactase, lactosuria, lactic
lapar(o) abdomen - laparotomy, laparoscopy
laryng(o) larynx, voice box - laryngitis, laryngospasm, laryngoscope
later(o) side - lateral, mediolateral
leuk(o) white -leukemia, leukopenia
lingu(o) tongue - sublingual, linguiform
lip(o) fat - lipoprotein, liposuction
lith(o) stone, calculus - nephrolithiasis, lithotripsy, urolith
-logist one who studies or specializes - cardiologist, anesthesiologist
-logy the study of - biology, histology
-lysis destruction, dissolution, breakdown - urinalysis, histolysis, thrombolysis
macro- large, big - macromolecules
mal- bad, abnormal - malnutrition, malaise, malpractice
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