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Traits HCW

Mr. G’s Traits of the Healthcare Worker

Acceptance of criticism The ability to deal with disapproval or a suggestion that something can be improved; whatever helpful opinions and suggestions you receive accept them.
Competence The ability to do what is needed; being physically and intellectually capable of performing your duty or service. Right mind and body
Dependability Reliable and trustworthy; GOOD REPUTATION
Discretion Cautious and reserve in speech
Empathy An understanding of another's feelings; BEDSIDE MANNER
Enthusiasm A lively interest in whatever situation your are given. OPTIMISM/GOOD ENERGY/GO-getter
Honesty A character trait of a person who is open and truthful in dealings with others. BEING HONEST AND FORTHCOMING.
Patience Tolerant and Understanding. A willingness to wait for someone or something without complaining.
Responsibility Having the sense of being held accountability for ones actions.
Self-motivation Determine what things that must be done and does them without constant direction. Set goals and works to reach those goals.
Tact A sense for what is appropriate or tasteful in a delicate situation: Considerate for the feelings of others.
Team player Working well with others; sharing ideas and opinions with others in order to reach one common goal.
Willingness to learn Possessing the aspiration to learn and take in valued information.
Flexibility Must demonstrate the ability to adapt to change, learn new skills, and try different methods.
Commitment Must show dedication to the job. Even in difficult circumstances. Must display genuine dedication and dependability.
Follow the Rules Following the attendance policies. Arriving to work on time. Wearing appropriate dress. Adhering to the line of authority. Performing only the tasks in your scope of practice. Obeying all general rules, guidelines, and standards.
Detail Oriented Attention to or treatment of a subject in individual or minute parts. Assures that the work is well done and meets expectations. Noticing and performing all of the little details to assure a job well done.
Initiative Readiness and ability to act on a task. A character trait manifested in a readiness and ability to initiate action; An enterprising spirit; A go-getting attitude; Energy; drive; get-up-and-go.
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