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Inflation rapid price increases
pious (piety) religious, devout
clergy (cleric, clerical) priests etc
Papacy (papal) the institution of the Pope
Schism division (usually in religious belief)
Heresy (heretic, heretical) a belief that goes against the Catholic Church's teaching
Parliament a representative body of government
Lay (laypeople, laity) people who aren't clergy
secular of this world, not religious
excommunicate kick out of the Church (which means going to hell)
Scripture holy texts (the Bible)
penance (penitent/repent/repentance) to ask forgiveness for sins
theology/theological the study of religion
purgatory in Catholic doctrine, a temporary "hell" where one pays for one's sins
peasant lower class person who lives in the countryside; a farmer
noble/aristocrat upper class person, usually with a title (the Duke etc)
tithe "tax" paid to the Chruch
monastery where monks live and work
urban city
rural countryside
vernacular spoken language (not Latin)
mercantile adjective form of "merchant"
oligarchy system in which a small number of powerful men or families are in control
Pontificate (Pontif) era in which a Pope is in power (ex: the Pontificate of John Paul II lasted from 1978 to 2005)
pagan related to pre-Christian, nature-based religion
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