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Family and Relationships

STEMDefinition of the STEMExamplesDefinitions of Examples 1Definitions of Examples 2
arch chief, first, rule, power archangel, architect, archaic, monarchy, matriarchy, patriarchy, Archeozoic era archetype=a recurring pattern or structure matriarchy=ruling through the mother patriarchy=ruling through the father
cide, cise cut down, kill homicide, exorcise, germicide, incision, scissors excise=to cut something out patricide=killing the father fratricide=killing your brother
domin master dominate, dominion, predominant, domain domain=an area that is mastered or governed predominant=the most common or shared feature
gam marriage bigamy, monogamy, polygamy bigamy=marrying more than one person monogamy=marrying only one other person
matri mother matrimony, maternal, matriarchate, matron matriarch=a mother figure maternal=describes something having to do with a mother
pater, patr father paternity, patriarch, patriot, patron, patronize paternity=the idea of fatherhood—a concept many Maury Povitch show participants are trying to avoid patronize=the tone of speaking down to someone as if the speaker is their father...demeaning
pop people population, populous, popular popular=many people like it populous=describes an area where there is a lot of people
salv, salu safe, healthy salvation, salvage, salutation salvage=to save something salve=something that heals or makes healthy
Created by: t9bailey
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