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Chapter 31

Assisting with Office/Ambulatory Surgery File

The signs of inflammation are: Redness, pain,swelling and tenderness
An item that is free from all microogranisms and their spores is considered: Sterile
An informed consent should include what information? Risks of the procedure, Alternate therapies and name and description of the procedure
The locking mechanisms on surgical instruments are known as Ratchets
The definition of anesthesia is Loss of feeling or sensation
Which statement best describes a dressing? Sterile material applied directly over a wound
When setting up for a surgical procedure, it is good to refer to surgery cards. What information can be found there? Specific instruments and supplies for the procedure
Skin must be prepared prior to any invasive procedure. Which of the following is appropriate skin prep? Betadine Hibiclens and 70% isopropyl alcohol are all correct
A specialized drape that has an opening for the surgical site is Fenestrated
Infected wound drainage is referred to as Exudate
Inflamation The nonspecific immune response that occurs in reaction to any type of bodily injury
epinephrine A hormone secreted by adrenal medulla in response to stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Used in conjunction with a local anesthetic, it constricts blood vessels to help lessen bleeding
Ligature A thread or wire for tying a blood vessel or other structure to constrict or fasten it.
Hibiclens Trade name for chlorhexidine gluconate, a topical antiseptic
Betadine Trade name for povidone-iodine, a topical anti-infective
Isopropyl alcohol A clean, flammable liquid used in medical preparations for external use
strctures A narrowing or constriction of the lumen of a tube, duct or hollow organ
Approximate To bring together the edges of a wound
cautery The destruction of tissue by burning
suture Surgical material or thread; may describe the act of sewing with the surgical material and needle
swaged/atraumatic A surgical needle atthed to a length of suture material
Percussion hammer chemical disinfection
Wrapped surgical instruments steam sterilzation
stehoscopes chemical sterilization
Fiber-optic endoscopes chemical sterilization
Countertops chemical disinfection
wheelchairs chemical disinfection
Gynecologic instruments steam sterilization
Examination tables chemical disinfection
Surgical instruments that have opposing cutting edges are classified as scissors
Surgical instruments that have ratchets are used for: clamping
Thump forceps may also be called pickups
The recommended temperature for effective sterilization is a autoclave is: 270 o
The preferred length for suture material, because it is mangeable yet long enough to complete most suture procedures is 18 inches
Suture material that isused when more time is needed for healing is coated with chromium
Application of a caustic chemical or destructive heat that burns tissue is called cauterization
The mechanism located between the rings of the handles of surgical instruments that is used for locking instruments is a ratchet
Which of the following is not a method of sterilization Boiling sterilization
When loading an autoclave, it is important to leave how much space between packages? 1 to 3 inches
Thermolabile is a term that refers to a type of dye that changes color when exposed to steam at proper temperature and pressure and for the proper amount of time.
What is the gauge of the finest suture material 4-0
sterile surgical wicks or wound packaging strips are used to to keep an infected wound open for drainage
When assisting the provider with a minor surgery, what is the correct order for doing. 1. Set up sterile field. 2. Wash hands. 3 place sterile instruments and supplies on the sterile field and 4. Gather equipment and supplies A. 2,4,1,3
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