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Hospital Corpsman manual

What is a condition characterized by abnormal focus of activity in the brain that produces severe motor response or changes in consciousness? Epilepsy
What is the Hospital Corpsman Manual # NAVEDTRA 14295B
acquisition, accounting, sustainment and disposition Logistics
The amount of pressure doubles when a diver reaches ____ft? 33
What zone are dental materials exchanged under Pt's chin and over pt's chest? transfer zone
The sacrum is five separate bones who fuse together between the ages of ___ and ___? 18-30
what degree is a burn if it has epidermal blisters and mottled appearance and red base? second degree
What is the thin outer membrane surrounding the bone? periosteum
What ship was the first tomahawk missile of the Iraqi conflict launched from? USS Cheyenne
women were first brought into the hospital corps during_________? WWII
governs the release of war reserve material? OPNAVINST 4080.1
disinfection and sterilization of pt supplies and equip during hospitalization is called? concurrent cleaning
Highly complicated interpersonal process of people relating to each other through conversation, gestures, appearance, behavior, writing even silence Communication
How many phase of en route care during military operational environment? 3
exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the atmosphere and the body's cells? Respiration
the largest portion of the tooth dentin
what's responsible for the discoloration that almost always occurs with injury to bones joints and muscles? contusion
broad chewing surface found on the posterior teeth? Occlusal
process by which urine is expelled from the bladder Micturition
what regulates carbohydrate metabolism by enabling glucose to enter cells for use as an energy source? insulin
What is the basic cell of nerve tissue? Neuron
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