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MCWP 4-11.1

AMAL/ADAL designed to support a MEF for how many days? 15 days
How many miles do en route care systems plan to evac PT with opportune lift medium lift aircraft? 240 MI
what are medical equipment and supplies required to support the patient during patient transport? PMI (patient movement items)
What, besides the law of war prohibits destruction of med supplies in the event of a retrograde? Geneva Convention
What is the process of casualty sorting? Triage
What is the first place unit level corpsman document written PT information? TCCC-C
What level of war is marfor primary concerned with? Operational
What pub addresses marine corps casualty reporting procedures? Marine Corps order P3040.4E
What is the commander's special staff officer directly responsible for aeromedical safety and HSS of the command? Flight Surgeon
What is the main magtaf C2 center, agency or facility for HSS? MSOC (medical support operations center)
What publication contains a general summary of the HSS system and system tactics and techniques, and procedures for naval expeditionary force regulating for joint operations? MCWP 4-11.1G
What within the MLG is often the first to receive intelligence from on-site care providers? HSSE
What is the most mobile medical support platoon of the medical BN? STP
What type of ships have the largest medical capability of any amphibious ship in the ATF? CRTS
the ECRS is able to care for two critically injured but stabilized patients for a total flight time of _________? 2hrs
What is the sole producer of finished medical intelligence in the DOD? NCMI
what are two ways casualty evac missions are classified? Preplanned or immediate
How many basic modes of evac are there? 3
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