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Endocrine System-HI

What are the three types of diabetes? 1.) Type 1- Juvenile onset diabetes 2.) Type 2- Adult onset diabetes 3.) Gestational diabetes
What do you call a failure or lack of insulin in the body? Diabetes Mellitus
Which hormone helps glucose to enter cells to be used as energy? Insulin
Which hormone does the Alpha cells in the pancreas produce? Glucagon
Which hormone does the Beta cells in the pancreas produce? Insulin
Which two hormones does the Islets of Langerhans secrete? 1.) Glucagon 2.) Insulin
Where do you find the Islets of Langerhans? Pancreas
What period marks the end of a woman's reproductive life? Menopause
What are the 3 normal systemic changes for a woman? 1.) Puberty 2.) Pregnancy 3.) Menopause
What do you call a growth on the thyroid gland caused by low levels of iodine? Goiter
What do you call a group of signs or symptoms? Syndrome
This hormone acts as an anti-inflammatory and can be a direct cause of hirsutism. Cortisone (glucocorticoid/cortisol)
This action will reverse a system back to homeostasis. Negative feedback
This action will amplify a situation. Positive feedback
Which method of temporary hair removal can cause hairs to grow deeper and darker? Tweezing/Waxing
When a woman starts to develop thick hairs due to menopause, which areas are most susceptible? Chin and Upper lip
In regards to a client's illness, an electrologist should never do what? Diagnose patient
Which gland is also part of the immune system? Thymus gland
People with type-2 diabetes are said to be insulin ____. Resistant
People with type-1 diabetes are said to be insulin ____. Dependent
Lack of menstruation, obesity, and retarded breast growth are all symptoms of which condition? Stein-Leventhal Syndrome (PCOS-Polycystic ovarian syndrome)
Moon face, camel's hump and excessive hair growth are all symptoms of which disease/syndrome? Cushing's Syndrome
Cushing's syndrome is caused by excess amounts of which hormone? Cortisone (glucocorticoid/cortisol)
Which hormone does the thymus gland produce? Thymosin
Which condition is known as "diabetes of the bearded woman"? Archard-Thiers Syndrome
Which sex hormone is known to influence hair growth? Androgens
Which glands are associated with the reproductive system? Gonads (ovaries and testes)
What are the target organs for follicle stimulating hormone? Gonads (ovaries and testes)
What are the target organs for luteinizing hormone? Gonads (ovaries and testes)
Growth hormone is also known as what? Somatotropin
Anti-diuretic hormone is also known as what? Vasopressin
Which portion of the pituitary gland regulates growth? Anterior Pituitary
What are the two hormones secreted by the posterior pituitary gland? 1.) Anti-diuretic hormone (ADH, vasopressin) 2.) Oxytocin
What are the 7 hormones secreted by the anterior pituitary gland? 1.) Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) 2.) Adrenocorticoid Tropic Hormone (ACTH) 3.) Growth Hormone (GH) 4.) Follicle Stimulating hormone (FSH) 5.) Luteinizing Hormone (LH) 6.) Prolactin (Lactogenic Hormone) 7.) Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH)
This gland is referred to as the "master gland". Pituitary gland
Glands of internal secretion are better known as what glands? Endocrine glands
What are the three hormones secreted by the thyroid gland? 1.) Thyroxine (T4) 2.) Triiodothyronine (T3) 3.) Calcitonin
Which gland causes elevated levels of calcium in the blood? Parathyroid gland
Which gland regulates calcium and phosphorous? Parathyroid gland
What are the two main classifications of hormones? 1.) Steroid hormones 2.) Protein hormones
What are the 3 sex hormones? 1.) Estrogens (female) 2.) Progesterones (female) 3.) Androgens (male)
Which two hormones does the adrenal medulla secrete? 1.) Epinephrine (adrenalin) 2.) Nor-Epinephrine (nor-adrenalin)
The hormones of the adrenal cortex are classified as what type of steroids? Corticosteroids
What is the target organ for ACTH? Adrenal Cortex
What is the target organ for thyroid stimulating hormone? Thyroid gland
Which gland regulates the body's metabolism? Thyroid gland
Which 3 hormones does the adrenal cortex produce? 1.) Glucocorticoids (cortisone/cortisol) 2.) Mineralcoriticoids (aldosterone) 3.) Sex hormones
When a vellus hair is stimulated to grow deeper and coarser, it is said to be which type of hair? Accelerated vellus hair (intermediate hair)
What do you call excessive hair on the body, such as the arms and legs? Hypertrichosis
This system is composed of ductless glands that secretes hormones directly into the blood stream. Endocrine system
Excessive hair growth caused by a hormonal disturbance is considered to be what kind of stimulation? Systemic stimulation
Excessive hair growth caused by any chronic, topical stimulation which increases blood supply to the area is considered to be what kind of stimulation? Topical stimulation
Growth that a person is born with is called what? Congenital
What are the 3 causes of excessive hair growth? 1.) Congenital 2.) Topical 3.) Systemic
Hair growth on a woman, that is normally characteristic of a man, such as the face is called what? Hirsutism
What two substances do the glands of the endocrine system secrete? 1.) Endocrine secretions 2.) Hormones
Hormones are also called what? Chemical messengers
Glands that secrete their substances directly into the blood stream without using a duct are called what? Ductless glands
Tissues or organs that respond to certain hormones are called what? Target organ/tissue
What two factors stimulates new hair growth? 1.) Increased blood supply 2.) Hormone stimulation
Pathological endocrine disorders do not arise from hormone _____. Balance
Created by: ElectricEsti
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