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Wiltja History

Feudalism in Medieval England

approximately Close to the right time or amount.
government A group of people who create laws for a state, country or kingdom.
England A country in the United Kingdom.
feudalism The name of the government and society during Medieval England.
successful Something that works really well.
kingdom The land ruled by a king.
divided Seperated into equal parts.
barons Rich men who controlled the land of the king.
wealthy To be very rich.
loyalty To support somebody no matter what, even if it means death.
soldiers People who serve in an army and fight in wars.
inherit To recieve something of value that used to belonged to a family member.
dynasty A family that has been in political power for many generations.
bishop A powerful leader within the Catholic religion.
church A place of worship, especially for Christians and Catholics.
Catholic A version of the Christian religion.
medieval Another name for the Middle Ages.
recieved To have gotten something from someone. A past tense word (ends with -ed).
tithe 10% of someones income that is paid to the church.
fiefs A large area of land in the control of Barons.
army A large group of soldiers.
consisted The things that made up something. Past tense word (ends in -ed).
castle A home of a king or a very rich person.
everything A compound word meaning 'all of it'.
peasants Poor people or slaves. In Medieval times they were also called serfs and villeins.
village A small country town.
rough Something that is hard or bad for someone to go through. Medieval peasants did not have it easy.
slaves People who have nothing and belong to someone else. Having no power or freedom.
enough Not wanting or needing anymore. "I've had ......"
survive To stay alive, especially through very hard times or situations.
Created by: Mr_M_Morrison