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Pastry 13A (CSCA)


VIENNOISERIE Term describing baked products other than bread: croissants, Danish, milk-bread rolls, fruit buns or anything from puff or rough puff pastry.
PUFF PASTRY Also known as pâte feuilletée, mille feuille, or pasta sfoglia, baked dough with hundreds of light crisp layers. Used in sweet and savory dishes.
DÉTREMPE First step in making Full Puff Pastry. It is the envelope of flour and water that forms the dough portion of the pastry
PÂTON The package of the dough (detrempe) with the butter enclosed inside.
RAYER Parallel or squiggly lines decorating the top of a pastry. They would traditionally appear on the top of a pithivier
CHIQUETER Small indentations or cuts on the edge of a pastry. These are decorative but also help in the even rise of the pastry. They also are traditionally used to decorate a pithivier.
DARTOIS Hot pastry or hors d’oeuvre comprising two strips of puff pastry enclosing a savory or sweet filling.
PALMIER Can be either savory or sweet. It is a small Puff Pastry made in the shape of a palm leaf
PITHIVIER A traditional French pastry. Large, round, puff-pastry tart with scalloped edges and filled with an almond filling
SACRISTAN Puff pastry straws or twists that can be either savory or sweet
TURNOVER Made from a thinly rolled round of puff-pastry formed into a semicircle. Traditionally filled with stewed apples
VOL-AU-VENT A large case of puff pastry served hot with a sweet or savory filling
NAPOLEON (MILLE FEUILLES) (thousand leaves) Traditional rectangular pastry layered with pastry cream and white fondant icing on top with chocolate lines
BOUCHÉE Small pastry shells with a lid. They are a small version of a vol-au-vent
FEUILLETÉ Small rectangular shaped puff pastry used usually as an appetizer. It is cut in half and filled.
CROISSANT French word meaning crescent or crescent-shaped. Composed of butter-rich yeast dough with sweet or savory filling. Plain croissants are usually eaten in France and Italy for breakfast with coffee or milk
POULICHE Sponge for the dough portion of croissant
BÂTON AU CHOCOLAT A chocolate filled croissant. A 4 x 3-inch square of dough that has a chocolate stick wrapped inside.
DANISH Rich yeast dough with milk and eggs, into which butter has been folded into the dough. Cut into various shapes and filled with jams, jellies, almond paste etc
KRINGLE Pretzel-shaped large Danish
FLETNING Large braid-shaped Danish
KRANS Large wreath-shaped Danish
REMONCE Butter and sugar paste spread on Danish before adding a filling (usually almonds or marzipan). It can be granulated sugar or brown sugar and can also contain cinnamon or vanilla
ROGNURES Scraps of puff pastry. When re-rolled they will produce pastries with an uneven texture and a low rise
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