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Pastry 11B (CSCA)

Ice cream and Sorbet

CHURN-FROZEN Desserts that are constantly stirred as they freeze, being churned or rotated. Churn-frozen desserts are processed or frozen in an ice cream machine and include ice creams, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet and sherbet
STILL-FROZEN Desserts that lay still as they freeze w/no agitation or churning. Mousses, semi-freddos, bombes, parfaits. Still frozen desserts are not churned/stirred while freezing, ingredients such as beaten egg white/whipped cream are folded in to lighten the base.
GRANITA (GRANITÉ) Dessert somewhere between churned and still-frozen. Tend to be less sweet (12°Baume), freeze to a coarse, icy consistency.Stirred only a few times before being allowed to harden. To serve, scraped with a fork, slushy shards are placed in glasses and serve
MATURING/AGING Placing the base into a fridg to chill for several hours/overnight before freezing. Allows flavors to mingle, fat to become more solid, and proteins in milk/cream to swell/blend with the water, gives the mixture more body. Bases should be aged 12-24 hours
OVER-RUN The increase in volume due to incorporation of air when freezing ice cream. Expressed as a percentage of the original volume of the mix. For example, if it doubles in volume, then the amount of increase to the original volume and the overrun is 100%
ICE CREAM Churn-frozen desserts that usually start with a base, most with a custard base, either cooked or uncooked, using heavy cream and whole milk, eggs or egg yolks, sugar and flavoring
GELATO A rich Italian ice cream that is denser than its American counterpart
FROZEN YOGURT Sweetened yogurt that has been churn-frozen. Because frozen yogurt tends to be made with low fat milk, it contains a lower percentage of milk fat than ice creams, making it relatively low in calories and cholesterol
SORBET A churn-frozen dessert usually made from a base of fruit or fruit puree sweetened with a sugar syrup made from granulated sugar and water. Sorbets contain no milk or milk product
SHERBERT A churn-frozen dessert similar to sorbet but slightly richer because it contains a small amount of milk
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