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Pastry 7A (CSCA)

Petit Fours Sec

PETIT FOUR Petits fours are any number of small pastries, cookies, and miniature desserts that are served after a meal or with afternoon tea
PETIT FOUR GUIDELINES-1 Petits fours should be no more than one or two small bites. Most should measure no more than 2 inches in length.
PETIT FOUR GUIDELINES -2 Petits fours should represent a variety of textures, flavors, and colors.
PETIT FOUR GUIDELINES -3 Petits fours should be strategically placed on the serving platter so that the guest may select from many types of petits fours without having to reach across the entire tray.
PETIT FOUR GUIDELINES - 4 Petits fours should complement whatever foods precede or accompany them without duplicating their flavor.
Petits Fours Sec Any number of fragile, crunchy, dainty cookies. The most common are cookies such as tulipe (tuille) cookies, checkerboard cookies, hard meringues, small butter or shortbread cookies, and puff pastry products without the addition of cream fillings.
Petits Fours Demi-Sec: Cake-like cookies such as madeleines and financiers. Also include almond petits fours made from almond paste/almond flour such as macaroons and other piped cookies. Those made w/almond pasted are moist and chewy. Others resemble a crunchy baked meringue w
Petits Fours Frais Moist miniatures that may contain fruit and fillings such as buttercream, fruit curds, ganache, or various creams and mousses. There are two types of petits fours frais, one based in pate a choux and the other based in tart dough. Includes mini-eclairs, p
Petits Fours Glacé (Iced Petits Fours): Small cakes, cookies, or biscuits covered with fondant or glaze. These petits fours are usually made from firm cake such as jaconde baked into thin sheets. The cake is layered with various fillings such as buttercreams, jams, ganache, often topped with a
Glazed Fruit Petits Fours Fresh or candied fruit coated with caramel, sugar syrup cooked to hard crack stage, or chocolate. This category also includes Marrons Glacé – Candied Chestnuts.
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