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Pastry 6A (CSCA)

Jams, Jellies and Spreads

PRESERVING Fresh fruit can be preserved with sugar if the fruit-and-sugar mixture is concentrated by evaporation to the point that microbial spoilage cannot occur.
PECTIN A polysaccharide found in plants. It is especially abundant in certain fruits (apples, quinces, currants, bitter oranges and lemons). Pectin is responsible for the gelling of fruit when cooked with sugar and some acid.
CONCENTRATE Also known as a fruit paste or compound; a reduced fruit purée, without a gel structure, used as a flavoring.
JAM Fruit gel made from fruit pulp, juice and sugar. Fruit pieces and chunks are present.
JELLY A fruit gel made with fruit juice and sugar. No pulp or pieces of fruit are present.
MARMALADE In the United States and United Kingdom these are citrus jellies that contain unpeeled slices of citrus fruit. In the rest of Europe marmalade is a general term used for any type of jelly or jam, regardless of its contents.
PRESERVE Similar to a jam. The only difference is that preserves contain larger pieces of fruit than jams.
PÂTE DE FRUIT A French confection with a pleasant, chewy, jelly-like consistency
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