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Pastry 5B (CSCA

Dessert Sauces

DESSERT SAUCES Any type of liquid mixture (hot or cold) that is either served separately or with the dessert to enhance its flavor, presentation and texture
SIMPLE SYRUP A solution of water and sugar boiled for 1 minute. Used to moisten cakes and to make sauces, sorbets and beverages. A syrup’s density is dictated by its intended purpose.
COOKED SYRUP Same as a simple syrup, but heated to a much higher temperature in which the liquid sugar will solidify when cooled.
CRÈME ANGLAISE The most versatile of all dessert sauces. It is a stirred custard made from milk, egg yolk and sugar. Its consistency and flavor can be altered to serve a multitude of purposes.
ZABAGLIONE (SABAYON) Originally an Italian dessert sauce flavored with dry Marsala wine, it has evolved to incorporate different liqueurs and flavors. Traditionally made in a round bottom copper bowl with egg yolks, sugar and Marsala wine.
CHOCOLATE SAUCE Made with a combination of melted chocolate, milk/cream, egg yolks, or other liquids. Can also be made by using a simple syrup and cocoa powder. Any type of chocolate may be used, but the most common is the bittersweet (semisweet).
CARAMEL SAUCE Diluted caramelized sugar. May be diluted with water, milk/cream, fruit juices/purees, and liqueurs. Special care must be taken as caramel sauces can splatter, boil over, and cause severe burns
FRUIT SAUCES Made by pureeing fruit. May be strained to make a coulis. A small amount of lemon juice should be added to the sauce to retard oxidation of many fruits as well as balance the acidity of the sauce.
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