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European History(H6)

European Exploration and Colonization

Who was Prince Henry the Navigator? He helped Portugal take the lead in exploration by creating a school of navigation where ship building, navigation, and map making were taught.
Which European country colonized present-day Australia? England
Which European country colonized present-day Brazil? Portugal
Which European countries colonized present-day Canada? England and France
Which European country colonized the majority of the western South America? Spain
What were three reasons Europeans began exploring new lands? They wanted to - find wealth (silks, spices, gold, silver, etc) -desired more natural resources; build up their empires - glorify their empire; and spread Christianity. New colonies would also create new markets that would promote economic growth. (3-Gs)
What element of the Age of Exploration led to the beginning of WWI/ Imperialism (building up of empires)
Which European country claimed most of Western Africa? France
What were the MAIN causes of WWI? Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism
What was the sparked (or what was the trigger of) WWI? The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
What term describes the building up of a nation's army? militarism
What term describes the building up of an empire? imperialism
What term describes forming a relationship with another country and being willing to defend that country if another country declares war against it? alliances
What term describes having pride in one's nation and being willing to defend it? nationalism
Who were the two alliances that fought during WWI? Allied Powers - Some members include - France, England, Russia, Italy and the Central Powers - Some members include - Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire
Where did most of the fighting of WWI take place? Europe
When did WWI take place? 1914-1918
Created by: smmhr5